The Rings of Success

THE RINGS OF SUCCESS: Jupiter Exalted, Picatrix Variant

Picatrix II:10 Rubeus p.105

“The Image of Jupiter. Under the influence of Jupiter, make the figure of a crowned man sitting on a throne with four feet carried by four winged men and the man who is sitting on the throne is raising his hands as though he were praying. Make it in the hour of Jupiter when Jupiter is rising in his exaltation and make it in a clear and white stone. Those who carry this image will have increase of riches and honor and lead a good life, and have many sons, and be able to perform good things and not be injured by enemies.”

This is a talisman I was particularly looking forward to. It’s as general a luck talisman as it gets– riches, safety, fame, freedom, nobility, and posterity in one single ring– which to me is useful because I only have ten fingers! I don’t need many (or any) sons, but the rest sounds like a plan.

This was a very good election. Jupiter rose in his Hour, exalted. The Moon was sufficiently fast and aspected both benefics by sextile, and the aspect to Jupiter was very tight. The Moon was cadent but in in her Joy, so I don’t think this was an issue. The Sun applied to square Jupiter but it was just barely out of orb and not a sufficient concern to nullify the election.

Everything else in this project was tough. Finding a white stone proved difficult. I wanted marble but none was available at short notice. I ended up using white agate where the striations were almost invisible.

Engraving such a complicated ymage on even large stones within the time period was challenging; ultimately the four angels were stick figures with wings that looked more like kidneys than something aerodynamic. But the enthroned king had the sigil of Jupiter over his heart, and his arms were spread wide (based on divination) rather than clasped in Christian prayer posture. I think the artistic effects are tertiary to all other factors, and the hierarchy of Jupiter surely recognize what the ring’s design represents. I wish I could have done better, but time was short.

The metal was mainly gold-filled wire for strength, but with true gold wire wrapped around the band in order to increase the association of the rings with wealth. The suffumigation and herb was gum mastic this time, and the oil was Aunt Sally’s Lucky Dream Oil. The petition was abbreviated from the Picatrix Jupiter petition texts. Four rings were made.

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