Durability of SIM Talismans’ Effects

“If you carefully attend to the proper harmony, and harmoniously join figures together and prepare them, they will be the first matter and foundation of this work. When images are fashioned in this way, they will be lasting and complete in their effects, and if they are not fashioned in this way, their effects will be destroyed by the destruction of their terrestrial material and the destruction of the composition thereof.” –Picatrix, IV:4

Meaning that if a talisman is constructed properly, with every aspect in harmony with the celestial hierarchy in question, the effects will even persist long after the talisman is destroyed.

Useful to know for talismans made of wax and other perishable materials, fragile talismans generally, and curse talismans which could be discovered and destroyed by a target.

And Keep Silent

“We base our entreaties on God Himself, that He may so illuminate your mind and spirit that His profound sciences may be opened to you, and that He may protect and defend you from the conspiracies of the common people and of evildoers, and that you will not reveal any of your secrets to the ignorant, because it is thus that they become the murderers of holy men and prophets.”

–Picatrix, III:12