D.I.Y. Talismans

D.I.Y. Talismans @ ConVocation 2017


Astrological talismans from the Scholastic Image Magic tradition often seem as challenging to make as they are powerful.

After electing the window of time in which a talisman can be created, one must confect incenses, select appropriate sigils, and obtain tools and materials for the talismans.

We will discuss how to create a talismanic laboratory, the process of practical considerations including choosing the best combinations, knowing which substitutions do and don’t work, and time and money saving strategies.

Take the theory of talismans into real life creations and applications.

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5 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Talismans

  1. Do some of your more potent ring talismans contaminate or influence the other ring talismans by way of proximity? How do you keep them all functioning independently without getting in each other’s way?

    1. You have seven traditional planets in your natal chart, and they don’t always get in each other’s way. It is true that when making a talisman it’s important for one planet to be strong and dominant, though it can be helped by other planets in less direct ways. However, wearing talismans of different planets or stars don’t generally harm each other. It’s sort of like having a group of friends with different abilities. There are times to have a whole bunch of smart friends or strong friends, but without knowing what life has in store for you being well-rounded with your talismans is the best strategy.

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