Big Money Magic @ ConVocation 2019

Big Money Magic at ConVocation 2019


Continuing what we began with “A Treasury of Money Magic” we will discuss even more techniques of wealth magic from a wide range of traditions, as well personal tips, methods, and strategies I’ve leveraged successfully for myself and for clients.

If you’ve already been dusting your money with sachet powders, putting talismans in your wallet, petitioning your ancestors with lottery tickets, and burning green candles dressed with lodestone dust and pyrite grit, we’ll take it to the next level and beyond; expect a few surprises.

This lecture will help you greatly along your quest for treasure and living like royalty.

Big money magic is real.

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3 thoughts on “Big Money Magic @ ConVocation 2019

  1. Thanks to your previous videos about Astrological image magick I have invested in CWarnocks Astro magic class.

    Also after listening to this video I researched some of the books your references but I am unsure where the rest of the colors are shared.
    I found a guy named PT VK Sharma who wrote the magic of numbers and while he shares the same planetary numerical associations that you’ve shared during the lecture. He still has Jupiter as blue.
    Jup is blue
    Mars is Yellow
    Moon is Orange
    Sun is Red
    Mer is Green
    Saturn is Violet
    Venus is Indigo
    I wonder why so many have gotten it incorrect?
    I look forward to hearing your perspective on what actually works in regards to Planetary magick. Thanks for sharing this info. It’s a #GAMECHANGER.

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