Lighting Striking Twice

Successful spellwork to draw vast amounts of wealth is extremely rare. More than a decade ago, I created a magic ring of wealth based on methods from the Picatrix. Not long afterwards, I received a mysterious inheritance of well over a million dollars.

When I began to lecture about my research and methods, a few critics in the magical community naturally voiced their doubts. They argued that with so many people doing spellwork for riches every day, it was only a matter of time before someone received a chance inheritance. They dismissed the sophistication of my methods and suggested that the results were mere coincidence.

I took up the gauntlet. If my methods were as reliable as I contended, I should be able to reproduce my results. Lightning striking twice would be far harder to dismiss. So that’s exactly what I did.

Using a different configuration of Picatrix methods, I made a second set of talismans. Yesterday, I officially became a multi-millionaire. The financial yield of the second set of talismans was very substantially larger than the first. No one that I know of has ever achieved results of this magnitude twice in a row.

I did this for three reasons. First to establish that the Science of Images is one of the most powerful systems of magic in existence. Second, to establish that my methods of implementation are objectively effective. And third, because magic is awesome!

19 thoughts on “Lighting Striking Twice

  1. Congratulations !! I’m in the process myself of getting a crucible and other bits of kit to make a some rings in fact I ordered the crucible last night on ebay . Thanks for the inspiration and I can’t wait to tap into that Jupiter energy .

    1. I don’t think it’s prudent to share my tax returns, but my plan is to show documentation to a credible third party and let them convey what they’ve learned. Extraordinary claims warrant extraordinary proof.

  2. Hello Clifford .

    Regarding your differences with Chris Warnock in whether people can change their astrological wealth blueprint . I think it’s certainly doable , difficult but doable . For example ; if somebody received a large amount of cash through a planetary talisman , they are going to struggle to keep hold of it if they have a negative outlook on life or finances . Some people are going to have to do some work on their internal state of being depending on their chart and which planetary spirits – intelligences are influencing their inner nature – blueprint . Would you agree with this or do you have a different view ?
    I’m currently gearing up to try and make my own rings etc but do you have any wealth talismans for sale at the moment ? Flick me an email if you don’t mind .

    Thanks Nigel

    1. There are accounts of people using planetary talismans to extend their lifespan to the furthest natural extreme. If someone can use this sort of magic to live to be over a hundred years old, then less ambitious alterations of destiny like wealth are relatively trivial.

    1. Yes, I’ve used them. They have to be natural and untreated to work safely and properly.

      1. Ok , time to find a half decent gem stone dealer then and a book on gem stones . Thanks for the help .

  3. I’m trying to do a bit of money magic myself, however the only election coming up soon that has any sort of relevancy to wealth is a 1st Decan of Aries talisman. I’m going to of course make a talisman for the election, but I’m stumped for what else I should do for a “big one” money spell. Is there some other tradition I’m missing that has some potent wealth shenanigans? Or should I continue diving into the Picatrix and making as many talismans as I can? I’m more inclined to find something I can do sooner rather than wait 3 years for Jupiter to transit Cancer.

    1. Esoteric Christianity uses imagination and feeling methods to generate favorable outcomes . I’ve had some decent successes with imagination . What about a Sun talisman ?

  4. Hi Clifford . Ok , just looking at my chart (newbie)and I realize I have Jupiter in Sagittarius with Venus one degree to the left . I’m reading this as a very “lucky” chart and I may hit the jackpot ? The negative side would be the Asuras to watchout for ?

  5. Do you have a shop address or PO box Clifford ? I really appreciate the knowledge that you’ve shared and would love to send you some New Zealand native Gemstone .

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