February 2017 Convention Schedule

I will be lecturing at both PantheaCon in California and ConVocation in Michigan this February, along with many other esteemed colleagues and friends. Please consider attending either or both.

PantheaCon 2017

On Saturday, February 18th at 1:30pm–

Eat Me: Magical Recipes in Medieval Astrological Magic

Though better known for the creation of talismans, medieval and Renaissance astrological magic texts contain further recipes and instructions. Many are intended to be consumed, buried, or burned, with numerous purposes and means of creation. Yet they all point towards a forgotten view of the universe and magic. From counting olive pips to cure illnesses to the creation of wax talismans or incense pills for evocation and influence, such mysteries depend on the philosophies of Al Kindi and his contemporaries. Explore how the outlook of the ancients can enhance our spiritual practices.

ConVocation 2017

On Thursday, February 23rd at 8:30pm–

DIY Talismans

Astrological talismans from the Scholastic Image Magic tradition often seem as challenging to make as they are powerful. After electing the window of time in which a talisman can be created, one must confect incenses, select appropriate sigils, and obtain tools and materials for the talismans. We will discuss how to create a talismanic laboratory, the process of practical considerations including choosing the best combinations, knowing which substitutions do and don’t work, and time and money saving strategies. Take the theory of talismans into real life creations and applications.

On Friday, February 24th at 4:00pm–

About Time: Basic Chart Calculation

Invaluable to numerous systems of magic, the astrological horoscope is a Swiss army knife for divination, classical medicine, and much else. One of the most advanced achievements of the ancient world, the horoscope can often be perplexing for beginners. This class will focus on the basics of erecting a horoscope chart. We will attempt to demystify the process and render the math easy, while also explaining the essentials of its parts, some of history of its development, and the rationale of the chart from the traditional (pre-1750 AD) perspective.

On Saturday February 25th at 4:00pm–

Fearless Magical Protection

It’s a jungle out there. In most magical systems one of the first things you are taught is basic protection against spiritual attacks, and for good reason. A magical life is a perilous one at times. As you become more proficient, the need for protection grows and takes new forms. This class will survey practical methods of protection from a variety of spiritual systems and methodologies. Some of these techniques are unpublished anywhere and likely to be unfamiliar, but have proven very effective. Magical protection will help secure your success.


A Presaging of Death

The prediction of the death of a female I (or my mother) was connected to at 10am has been verified as fact, though my interpretation was slightly off.

The prognostication was based on a very vivid dream involving my mother taking a friend of hers on a women-only resort retreat via taxi “up the mountain” at 10am the following day. I was told that I could not join them on this ride, but perhaps someday I’d go up to that snowy peak in their company. I then took a different taxi home, and promptly awakened.

There were several elements of the dream which seemed to reference a horror film my mother fixated upon (that I am not even sure I’ve seen) which involved people dreaming of being invited for a ride into a hearse shortly before dying. Since this was her fixation and not mine I took it as a sign of a real message from her; a kind of deliberate identity-verification thrown into the mix. Not the mention bashing me over the head about how the dream was to be interpreted.

The dream did not seem in any way sinister until I awakened and I began to connect the dots and interpret the symbolism with a waking mind. It seemed obvious that a woman who was friends with me or my mother was doomed to die the next day at 10. But this was not quite the correct interpretation.

The elder sister of a person with whom I have a close and friendly business relationship has been suffering from cancer for the last several months. This sister helped me clean out my home after my mother’s surviving cats were taken to a Connecticut cat sanctuary, and she was an amateur tarot reader and we bonded on that level. I would see her once or twice a year and we were on amicable if not always close terms.

Once I had heard that she was ill, I loaned her my mother’s Saturn talisman because of its ability to prevent cancer. I had no idea at the time whether it could cure cancer once it had been diagnosed but it was all I had at hand that seemed vaguely appropriate.

Yesterday I spoke with the younger sibling, and was told that the Saturn talisman would shortly be returned to me. The sister’s cancer had metastasized into ten brain tumors and she was not long for this world. Any further work the talisman might do would only cause her to linger unhappily.

So, my interpretation was correct in all ways except that the “ride up the mountain” was not to take place literally at 10AM the next day but by the medium of ten malignant brain tumors. (It is possible that AM is a reference to astrocytoma, but that may be a bit of a stretch.)

As I have discovered previously, SIM talismans used by people who are deceased can be extremely powerful ways to connect to their spirits in the afterlife and open remarkably powerful communications.

Interpreting messages from the spirit world is always a challenge, and I cannot fault myself greatly for getting this one slightly wrong. There was nothing I could do about it in any case. This message was not meant to alter events, but was simply a reminder that the communication channel was open and available.

How Signs And Ymages Are Composed

Picatrix Rubeus, pages 63-64:

“The second manner calculates the images according to the opinion of the Hindus, who arrange them in this way: in the first face of Aries there rises a man with red eyes and a large beard, wrapped in a garment of white linen, seeming to make great gestures, and wearing a great white cloak tied around him with a rope… In this way they proceed to the last face of the signs.

“Next you should learn that they do not calculate these figures in any way except from the nature of the stars and signs… and thus you will be able to make all things according to your wishes.

“Abenoaxie said likewise in his book… of the triplicities of the signs. One of them he named the watery triplicity, and wrote there… when someone seems to speak of water, a river, a swamp, or any other thing similar to them, you ought to understand that its work is in water. In the same way, all the other figures of the triplicities that are assigned to fire, earth, or air, should be understood in the same way. This is the way that… all the other sages who discussed the figures and degrees of heaven… and they also said the same thing when they gave examples of their forms in their places, because all these are signs by which you will be able to understand the powers and workings of the degrees. Thus you ought to interpret them in the same way.

“As an example of the foregoing, when someone refers to a mutilated head and mutilated hands, he means by this phrase death and weakness and the way of one planet with others, because all these are ways to understand the effects of the planets, and how other bodies are strengthened by them, so that marvels, and the effects of the planets in these bodies, become apparent. In this way you should understand the whole art of magic.”

The images of the Faces are constructed from the symbolic interactions of the planets correspondences in the context of the Signs correspondences, so that when a planet is weak there (or malefic) the figure will be maimed, dark, or ugly. This is something I discuss in the Decans packet as well as the lectures somewhat.

Introduction To Traditional Astrology @ ConVocation


Clifford Hartleigh Low’s lecture on “Introduction To Tradtional Astrology” at ConVocation 2014. This lecture covers the core metaphors of Astrology, the metaphysical cosmology of Western Traditional Astrology, the differences between Modern and Traditional Astrology, the structure of the Horoscope chart, the basics of Traditional Horary Astrology, and much much more…

Introduction To Traditional Astrology @ PantheaCon


Clifford Hartleigh Low’s lecture on “Introduction To Tradtional Astrology” at PantheaCon 2014. This lecture covers the core metaphors of Astrology, the metaphysical cosmology of Western Traditional Astrology, the differences between Modern and Traditional Astrology, the structure of the Horoscope chart, the basics of Traditional Horary Astrology, and much much more…

Jupiter’s Secret Powers

The key to understanding Jupiter in a traditional context is that it is the most temperate of planets. It fills in whatever is lacking in every situation, and so it it can be defined best by negatives. It is the absence of strife and poverty, the absence of ignorance and disorder, the negation of sorrow and weakness.

Things embodying Jupiter are often subtle because they are gentle; they are like the Air– the element most aligned with the planet. It is invisible except through indirect influences, and easily taken for granted unless during a gale or in a vacuum.

Under even minimally favorable circumstances, Jupiter keeps things going just fine and dandy, and everyone mistakenly thinks this is simple normalcy.

It is the Greater Benefic at its most magnanimous.

Ancient Stellar Magic and the Rings of Power @ ConVocation 2011


Clifford Hartleigh Low’s lecture on “Ancient Stellar Magic and the Rings of Power” at ConVocation 2011. This lecture covers Traditional Astrology, Stellar Omens, Zoroastrianism, the Liber Hermetis, the Behenian Fixed Stars, Talismans, Magical Rings and Crowns, Predestination, Symmetrical Divinatory Systems, Astral Light, Servitors, Stellar Hierarchies, Petitions, and much much more…