The Age of Black Magic: Step One

Obtain dirt from the graves of seven young people who have committed suicide because of the election of Donald Trump.

In combination this material will be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. These restless spirits will be your shock troops. They will be eager to work for you, against the administration especially.

One can substitute crematory ashes, or soil from those who have died as a consequence of the administration’s policies.

Put the kids to work; pay their graves. They are not your interns.

I list this first because it is a difficult project and may take years and collaboration to accomplish.

A Venus Petition

VENUS PETITON: Venus and Moon in Taurus, Cancer ASC, Moon triumphed, Venus sextile ASC.


Talismanic elections have been few and far between of late, and I’m taking a break from curse talismans for a while– so that leaves petitions. This one was slightly experimental.

Now, the key with petitions as opposed to talismans is that you’re trying to arrange a relationship between the petitioner and the planetary hierarchy in question using the chart. So instead of putting a strong planet on the ASC or MC and thus make the talisman an embodiment of the planetary strength, you make the planet aspect the ASC or ASC ruler in a benevolent manner. This represents assistance rather than embodiment. ASC and ASC Ruler need to be fortified, the planet petitioned needs to be fortified, and the Moon needs to be unafflicted.

This election has Cancer on the ASC and the Moon is exalted, fast, applying in perfection with a Benefic and (arguably) triumphed by “reverse besiegement”, protected by combustion in her own Sign, the Ruler of the Moon’s Sign is not cadent, and she is in a benevolent succedent House. Venus is very essentially dignified, applying by sextile to the ASC (and Venus loves sextiles more than trines), and is protected by combustion in her own Sign. The pars fortuna is also on the ASC. Day of Venus by both Arab/Jewish and Zoroastrian/Christian planetary days, but not Hour.

Nice stuff.

The negatives are that the Moon is in fact separating from conjunction with Venus, and one may be concerned about the combustions of Moon and Venus but since both are highly dignified in Taurus and the Sun is also there, it is a good case for these planets shielded by the flames rather than burnt. The 4th Lunar Mansion is not ideal for most matters of Venus, but you can’t have everything.

The petition text was taken from Picatrix, and I attempted the “dress in the manner of Arabians” option. But only if the Arabs in question were fond of terrycloth bathrobes. I’ll hope Venus has a sense of humor about it. I wanted to do more than dress in blue, and I just wasn’t feeling like doing a ritual in drag this morning.

The suffumigation listed was gall, frankincense, gum mastic, long pepper, and raisins. I don’t have any gall, but I took pomegranate seeds from one of the alternate suffumigation recipes and made do. It was very smoky and I teared up a lot.

I won’t say what I asked for, but it wasn’t necessarily what you think. The following are from Picatrix in various places:

“Ask from Venus the desire for copulation, the virtue of causing loves and enthusiasms and expelling sorrow and sloth, invigorating the appetite, increasing generation, multiplying children, extinguishing fire, and being safe from animals.”

“Venus is the source of the power of flavor. And she rules grammar and the art of measuring sound and song. Among languages she has Arabic; among the internal organs, the right nostril, and among internal organs, those that meet in sexual intercourse and project sperm, and the stomach, and those from which come the virtue and flavor in eating and drinking; among religion, Islam; among clothing, all painted clothing; and of professions, all professions of painting and shaping, selling things that smell good, playing instruments that are good to listen to, singing, dancing and making stringed instruments; among flavors, all sweet things that taste good; and of places, place of vice, places in which men seek healing, and in which men dance, and places of cheerfulness where there is singing and speech, and places of ladies and beautiful women, and also places of eating and drinking; and of precious stones, pearls, and of rocks, lapis lazuli and almartach; and of plants, all plants with a good odor like saffron and arhenda, roses and all flowers with a good odor and smell and are pleasant to look at; among medicines balsam and grains of julep, and those that emit a strong smell, such as nutmeg and amber; among animals, females, camels that are beautiful and all beautiful animals with symmetrical bodies such as gazelles, sheep, gazelles, hares, partridges, calandras and the like. Among small animals, she has those that are colorful and beautiful; among colors, sky blue and gold tending a little to green.”

“Venus is cold and moist, and a fortune. She signifies cleanliness, splendor, preciousness, word games, delight in music, joy, adornments, laughter, pictures, beauty, loveliness, playing music by the voice or stringed instruments; delighting in marriage, desiring spices and things that have good odors; sending dreams; provoking games of chess and dice; desiring to lie with women and to fall in love with them and receiving promises from them; desiring to appear beautiful, loving liberty, magnanimity of heart, and joy. She abhors anger, brawling, vengeance, and lawsuits; she desires to serve the desires and wills of friends concerning the world’s opinion; tends toward false promises; is inclined to cupidity; desires to drink much; incessantly desires much copulation, and of shameful kinds, and to do it in inappropriate places, as women are accustomed to do with one another; delighting in animals and children and in making them good; making things equal; delighting in merchants and living with them and being loved by their women; and that they may be delighted by men. When she is well received, she plays a part in the making of crowns, building stables and working in stone, having sweet speech, disdaining the world and having no fear of it; sustaining people so that neither anger, strife, or discord can be felt by them; it designates a weak heart and a weak will in lawsuits and combat, and signifies desire for all beautiful combinations of things which may be in conformity with the will; making colors and laboring diligently in skills involving them; selling merchandise, spices, and prayers; those who observe the religious law; and those who adhere to sciences and philosophies of forbidden kinds.”


Picatrix as a Kabbalistic Talisman

Page 57 Picatrix Rubeus:

“All that we have said in this context we say only to sharpen the intellect and illuminate awareness, because the aforesaid words and reasons that we have stated are spiritual images and the word that Adam received form the Lord God. They cannot be understood except by the sages who have labored faithfully in knowledge and have understood how created beings attain truth. You should understand all of this and retain it in your intellect, because what we have said up to this point in this book of ours constitute the foundations of the art of magic, if you understand it well.”

  1. So, basically he’s saying that large chunks of Picatrix are talismans of a kind in textual form. What do they do? Probably helps the student comprehend the rest of the text– and man, do we need that help sometimes.
  2. The word given to Adam is a veiled reference. According to Jewish folklore, Kabbalah was given to Adam by God after the expulsion from Eden because the punishment was too severe, with the intent that it be passed down to his favored sons for their succor. Since Kabbalah is a largely non-astrological form of magic (in its practical expression) which is almost exclusively textual, this makes sense that it be referred to when describing a text-based enchanted object. A book on magic, which is itself a magical book.
  3. Some would say that Judaic Kabbalah was a medieval phenomenon, but I strongly disagree and think there is evidence for its existence during the development of the Talmud. So a reference to it in a 700AD text would not be anachronistic.

The Talismans of the Angel with the Backwards Head

THE TALISMANS OF THE ANGEL WITH THE BACKWARDS HEAD: Strong Capella election with the ASC Ruler Retrograde.


So, I never post talismanic elections in the future that I intend to use because I find that ruins them. I won’t be using this one.

“Horehound seed mixed with equal parts of mint, wormwood and mandrake, placed etc., exalts men to honors, and brings them the favor of kings and nobles, and heals toothache, and is very medicinal.”

The stone is sapphire, which can be obtained fairly inexpensively if you search for star sapphire rather than the typical cut and grade of sapphire. Make sure the stone is black or blue; some modern corundums in other colors are sold under the name sapphire but are not such by the older nomenclatures.

The Moon applies very tightly to Capella on the MC. The Moon is triumphed by separating from Jupiter (not visible in the chart) and applying to Venus. The Moon is fast, and in a benevolent Mansion. The Ruler of the Moon’s Sign is Angular.

The ASC Ruler is relatively fast, Dignified, and applying to the North Node. It is also applying to a sextile of Saturn, but Mercury and Saturn get along quite well (and the Moon is waning) so I consider this a modest weakness.

Here’s the problem: The ASC Ruler is Retrograde.

Some of us believe that in fixed star elections the role of the ASC Ruler is irrelevant. I don’t.

Nevertheless, this is a science and we must experiment. Perhaps this can be further clarified.

I invite you to put it to the test. If your talisman provides what you seek within one year, I may well have been proven wrong. But please note any side effects or frustrations resulting from the afflicted Ascendant. After all…

“Never place a retrograde planet as the lord of the ascendant or the lord of the petition because, if either one is retrograde, the petition will be delayed and put at a distance and will not go forward; this is what a retrograde reveals and demonstrates.”

Picatrix Rubeus, page 73.

The Rings of Triumphing Light

THE RINGS OF TRIUMPHING LIGHT: Sun in Domicile Ascending, Fortunes in the 1st House.


This was a particularly meaningful and powerful election, made in the hours immediately before my mother’s gravestone unveiling ceremony, one day after the third anniversary of her death. Her epitaph was “She was like the Sun; overflowing with beauty, warmth, and bringing cheer. By night unseen, yet not truly gone.” I’d often associated her with Solar virtues, which were strong in her nativity; in a way this was a way of honoring her as well as making ten rings of great power.

The Sun Ascends in domicile during Sun Hour and Day. The Moon applies a perfected sextile to the Sun. Though far from the Sun’s beams, both Fortunes are in the 1st House. The Moon is fast and in a very fortunate Mansion, and unafflicted.

The main difficulty of the election was that Venus was retrograde and entered 8 degrees of the Ascendant within about nine minutes of the election’s commencement. Thus, petition and all ten rings had to be inscribed within this narrow window of time. Having a retrograde planet on the Ascendant (or Ruling it) nullifies an election, though Benefics are more moderate in their afflictions. Two of the final rings were made just barely outside of the window but are probably valid, if weaker.

On this occasion I had an assistant, Jennifer– also my editor and close friend. She made but one of the rings, but mostly fed the suffumigation incense onto the coal and saved me time thereby. I aimed to have her become familiar with my procedures for writing projects in the future.

The materials were selected through divination. The herbal matrix under the rings were celendine and lignum aloes. From this one might assume the rings will combine the protective virtues of celendine with the wealthy virtues of lignum aloes. (Perhaps it will protect against money jinxes? It’s impossible to know until one tests it.) The suffumigation was a blend of frankincense, calamus, marjoram, and rosemary. The stones were all bloodstone, and the band was gold wire with a tougher core of gold-plated brass.

The inscription was the word SUN over the Latin Picatrix Sun sigil (the one which looks like an inverted V with circular serifs) and the sigil of the Intelligence of the Sun at the bottom– the version with a serif and a circle termination. This was also determined through divination.

Aside from running out of time with the 8a (my own notation) everything went splendidly.

All ten of the rings are untouched and pristine and may be bestowed on others, though I probably will claim some for myself at a later point.

Below, I include the highly abbreviated Solar petition used. Credit me with the edit if you use it anywhere.

“May God bless you, Sun, you who are fortunate and the greater fortune, hot and dry, luminous, resplendent, noble, beautiful, exalted, and honored king over all the stars and planets. Power of beauty, subtlety, good disposition, truth, wisdom, knowledge and riches, which by your virtue are acquired, and in you are made strong. You are the lord of the six planets, which are governed by your motion, and you reign over them and have kingship and lordship over them, and they are obedient to you and depend on your aspect. You are king, and they are vassals. No one can possibly perceive all your good and noble qualities, which are infinite to our intellects. Infuse your spirit and light into these mighty talismans, so that the marvels I desire may be accomplished.”

I made a peridot Sun talisman with mule hair for the easing of breathing difficulties (as per Agrippa) for my mother some years ago. It was the only jewelry on her when she died, and I still carry it with me wherever I go.

Let the light shine on!

The Defixios of Burning Hatred

DEFIXIOS OF BURNING HATRED: Moon in 5th Mansion, combust, besieged, Cancer ascending.


Fifth Mansion effects include “to destroy the friendship between two people” in Picatrix, when the principal planets are afflicted. Some contend that combustion and/or besiegement are limited by Sign boundaries; I disagree. This election has both, a fairly toxic combo. Cancer is also a Sign associated with curses in Traditional magical texts, including Picatrix if I recall properly. The Moon is succeedent, but in the 11th House where she can do the damage intended. She is fast, thus indicating rapid and palpable effects.

Nine lead disks were used, as mini-defixios to be planted on the person or property of targets. The sigil of the Moon was placed above an X, which Picatrix advises to use when the character or ymage of a spirit are not known. Storax was used as a suffumigation.

Lead would not normally be an appropriate choice for a Lunar talisman, but the silvery dullness of lead is suitable for curses depending on the power of the Moon.

The Talismans of Awestruck Dread

THE TALISMANS OF AWESTRUCK DREAD: 11th Lunar Mansion with Mars.


This is one of those experimental elections which either curse the living shit out of me or work fabulously. Somebody needs to test this stuff out, might as well be me. Kids, don’t try this at home!

The Moon is slow, too slow to normally create a talisman but is held aloft by the benefics which flank it; to the rear by Venus, while before it rallies a bodily conjoined Jupiter– retrograde but dignified. The Moon also is opposing Mercury, but is surely protected by the benefics. Yet a conjunction with a retrograde planet is indeed a consideration which makes this an experimental election. Is the power of being protected by the benefics enough to overcome an application to a retrograde planet albeit the most benevolent one? I suspect yes.

Yet the true controversy of this election is the Ascendant. It is governed by Mars in domicile, but Mars is conjoined with the South Node. And here is the grand design; some sources believe that a malefic with the Dragon’s Tail is dangerous and others claim it is greatly fortunated thereby. This is the true experiment at the heart of this election. If it is a dud, then that can be explained by the Moon; but if it is destructive that can only mean a malefic with the S.N. is woeful.

All things considered, if it works well it will be because this Lunar Mansion is compatible with the attributes of Mars as cosignifcator. This is a talisman to instill fear and respect from those beneath you, while eliciting favor from those in positions of power.

Picatrix Rubeus pages 288-289, the Plinian Mansions:

“The eleventh Mansion is Azobra, and it is that you will be feared and receive good things. When the Moon is in this Mansion, make in a table of gold the image of a man riding a lion, holding a lance in his right hand and holding the ear of the lion with his left hand, and in front of this figure write the name of the lord of this Mansion. Say: “You, Necol, bring glory to me that I shall be feared by men, and so that their fear shall cause them to tremble when they behold me; and quiet the heart of the king and of lords and of men of high estate that they may grant me honors and dignities.” Carry this tablet with you, and it shall be as you have requested. Know that Necol is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

No suffumigation was given in the Picatrix text, but Ibn Hatim offers lion’s hair. This is less helpful than it might have been around 800AD. (Anybody know a zookeeper or a veterinarian with a really big electric shaver?) After consultation with tarot, this was substituted with the hair of a black cat and storax (from Alchemy Works.)

Three quartz cabochons were selected with NECOL above the described figure, and placed in a yellow flannel bag along with chunks of gum mastic. I don’t have gold handy, but this should work nicely. Or so says tarot.

Let’s find out.

The Gems of Bedazzling Ardor

GEMS OF BEDAZZLING ARDOR: The Talismans of the Twenty-Sixth Mansion.



“When the Moon is passing through it, take white wax and mastic and melt them together; from these fashion the image of a woman with her hair unbound and before her a vessel placed as if to receive her hair. Suffumigate it with sweet-smelling odors, and say: ‘You, Tagriel, bring me to the love and friendship of such and such a woman.’ Place the image in a small bag, and place with it also some of the most sweet-smelling of substances; carry it with you, and it shall be completed as you have requested. Know that Tagriel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

IBN HATIM via Lippincott:

“The image is a woman whose hair hangs down; on her are varieties of coloured cloths; between her two hands is a pot in which is a perfume (with which) she perfumes herself. You should shape her, in accordance with the name of whomever among women you wish, out of white wax and mastic. Fumigate it with varieties of perfumes. You should write on her chest the name of the man overcoming her love for herself. You should keep the image in the house so that she refrains from going to him, if God wills. The name of her lord is Nafsiyal taghriyal. Its speciality is for love that she entice (?) the man marvellously and promote lust. It is four stars, similar to a bucket.”



This was a slightly unconventional election and also slightly unconventional in implementation.

The Moon was in the 5th House of good fortune and pleasure, while the North Node was conjoined to the Ascendant. The Moon was extremely fast, waxing, and in a Sign whose ruler was not cadent (though retrograde.) The Moon was making benevolent aspects to the Sun and Mercury; the former very tightly.

These were loose gem talismans. Three lapis lazuli cabochons (fairly large) were inscribed with the ymage described, but with the North Node sigil at the apex, the number 26 at the bottom, and TAGRIEL on the obverse center. The suffumigation was a blend of dried rosebuds and lignum aloes. No oil was used.

The North Node functions similarly to a benefic planet when placed on the ASC or MC, and adds strength to any election– particularly one which requires an overcoming of an obstacle or an adversary. It is dependent on the strength of the election’s configuration overall, for though it magnifies the luck and power of other factors by itself it is highly unstable and cannot be the sole power drawn upon. Fortunately the speed, phase and aspects of the Moon are good enough for a potent election on their own, and though the placement of the Moon in a Succedent House easily offset by the benevolence and relevance to the election’s goal. The Dragon’s Head is really just the cherry on top, but what a cherry it is!

Due to the relative softness of the lapis lazuli and the intense speed of the Moon, these talismans should be very fast acting. Their durability at this stage is not clear, but the configuration suggests to me that the effect would be extensive and enduring.

The Rings of the Kiss of Darkness

THE RINGS OF THE KISS OF DARKNESS: Venus in Zero Scorpio, Cazimi.


[I am only including this post, unedited, for historical purposes. This was one of the dumbest, riskiest, and most malefic talismans I’ve ever created. It did not work as intended, but was a magnet for terrible misfortune. Awful.]

This is the first set of rings I’ve ever made which could conceivably require a safeword.

I’ve been dropping hints left and right about experimental rings, talismans of debauchery and so on… all leading up to this.

Most of you will think this is a curse talisman. It is not. (Nor is it perfect, but nothing is.)

“In the jungle of the senses; Tinker Bell and Jack The Ripper.”

I have long theorized that talismans must be possible which go beyond the morality/luck vs immorality/misfortune dichotomy. Everything in the skies is reflected on Earth and vice versa. So luck with sinful endeavors must be possible to elect, and furthermore imbue into a talisman. So I made myself a triad of rings that shoots perverto-beams.

One method to do this is to use mixed Essential Dignity and Essential Debility. Some consider peregrination to be an intermediate state; I don’t. It is a state of powerlessness and inertia, which when combined with Essential Debility results in misfortune and an inability to escape it, as well as poor judgement. But when Essential Debility is combined with any manner of Essential Dignity, the powerlessness of peregrination is annulled and the Debility represents vice and immoral aims, while Dignity represents power and skill in this sphere of influence. That’s how you signify someone who is really good at being really bad.

“But you know evil is an exact science; Being carefully, correctly, wrong.”

Venus is in Scorpio, putting her in Detriment. This is a -5 and peregrine by most reckonings. However, though most tables of Essential Dignities and Debilities give Mars both diurnal and nocturnal triplicity for the Watery Signs, some give Venus diurnal Triplicity for Water. This makes much sense to me, as Venus loves moisture and lending so much power to Mars without balance strikes me to be unreasonable. Thus, Venus receives a +3 through Triplicity, ultimately being a mere -2 tally and escapes peregrination.

“Very little fruit is forbidden.”

Nevertheless, Venus is at 0 Scorpio and that’s the heart of the Via Combusta. This election was very, very wicked.

But extremely strong by accidental dignity, because Venus is also firmly in cazimi. She is unified with the dark flame of the Sun in Scorpio. Ka-pow.

So, Venus is lucky in bad, naughty, no-good, dastardly Venus matters. And because Venus is in cazimi/combustion, she can do them secretly and nobody will ever know.

“Love has no meaning– not where they come from. But we know pleasure is not that simple.”

What does Lilly say about Venus when ill dignified? “Then he is Riotous, Expensive, wholly given to Loosenesse and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Reputation, coveting unlawful Beds, Incestuous, an Adulterer; Fennatical, a meer Skip-jack, of no Faith, no Repute, no Credit; spending his Means in Ale-houses, Taverns, and amongst Scandalous, Loose people; a meen Lazy companion, nothing careful of the the things of this Life, or any thing Religious; a meer Atheist and natural man.”

Well, that’s just so very judgmental of you, Mr.Lilly.

If I ever feel like being wholly given to the lewd companies of women, coveting unlawful beds, and spending excessively in taverns among scandalous, loose people, I know who I won’t be inviting to the party. But I know which ring I’ll be wearing for the occasion.

I’ll also totally get away with it, because a planet under combustion is hidden and escapes scrutiny. And it will come easily because Triplicity signifies ease, and it will be immensely strong because cazimi is pretty mighty.

“This is the splendor of our achievement; Call in the air strike with a poison kiss.”

This really is the Rock Star Lifestyle ring, except that it’s sneaky. I’m okay with that.

In any case, let’s break down the rest of the details.

The Moon is combust and in the 1st House and separating from Venus, but afflictions of the Moon are rectified by having a benefic on the ASC or MC. I don’t think this is a really big deal, but it must be noted.

Venus Day and Hour. Nice.

The Moon is in the 17th Mansion, which offers durable loves and friendships. It’s not clear if this is a genuine factor. I guess if my newly acquired slaves stick around I can make them do the laundry. 🙂

Saturn is in Scorpio, which will weaken the election somewhat, but I do not deem this a significant factor.

The Moon is conjoined to the Part of Fortune, but that’s normal for a chart of this kind.

Anyway, the inscription on the rings was the bird headed girl holding an apple and comb, with the OAOIOA looking bit. The herbs beneath the ring were violet and thyme, and the suffumigation was violet, thyme, and storax resin. Tarot liked this, but actually wanted storax and myrtle for a suffumigation but I was all out of myrtle. I need to do better inventory.

The oil used was Magnet Oil. Magnet Oil has a reputation for powerful influences on money and lovers which are extreme and somewhat unnatural in character and extent. Considering the flavor of this ring, I knew it wasn’t going to be Marriage Oil.

“Cover Him up, I think we’re finished. You know it’s never been so exotic.”