The Age of Black Magic: Step Six

The Ascendant Degree As A Relic

Today I’m going to teach you a dirty little trick from SIM. One can influence a target, benevolently or malevolently, far easier when their natal degree of Ascent is on the horizon.

So, if you want to influence him you want to commence your magic when Leo 29 is on the Ascendant. Happens once a day for about two minutes.

One way to do that is to print out said chart at the time in question and use it as a relic.

Another is to commence another sort of ritual at that time. That is more effective.

A far more vicious version is available to people more proficient with astrology.

When you either afflict the Ascendant by having a Malefic or highly debilitated planet conjoined to the Ascendant or even on 29 Leo — or have the Ruler of that Sign in an acute state of accidental affliction or essential debility– you can do serious damage.

What I would do is wait until the Sun is in Aquarius and do your thing when 29 Leo is on the horizon, preferably Sun Hour or Sun Day or both.

When you do this, the Sun is going to be near the Descendant. You’ll want it in the 7th House rather than the 6th, though there’s a little wiggle room of about five degrees on the cusp. That’s because the 7th House is Angular, and is suitable for rapid changes — especially changes of dominance and control. The 6th is Cadent and is far less suitable.

Avoid times when the Moon is making a separating aspect to the Sun.

Earlier this evening I suggested people buy instant cameras. If you take an instant photo of a friend or client when their Ascending natal degree is currently Ascending *and* the Ruling planet is unafflicted and preferably dignified, that photo is a powerful relic for healing and luck magic.

But that’s the opposite of what we are trying to do today.

The Age of Black Magic: Step Five

Hoodoo Tarot magic against Trump Incorporated.

First, you see the flash…

Cursing President-Elect Donald Trump with death is counterproductive. He is 70 years old and doesn’t look terribly healthy, and if he were to die Mike Pence would replace him. We need to be smarter than that.

We need to shatter what he values and break him as a person in order to neutralize him. He loves his legacy, and that appears in two forms:

  1. His properties and overall business empire.
  2. His family and inner circle.

These will be our primary targets.

Today we will focus on the former.

Our endgame is to leave him all alone and confused, utterly emasculated, weeping upon the pile of ashes that used to be all he valued in the world.

Not only will his threat be neutralized thereby, but he will become an example to history.

Everything to follow can be personalized according to your preferences and intuition. Take care when doing so, but experimentation and personalization in magic is often very useful and enjoyable.

Then, you hear the thunder…

Obtain an inexpensive tarot deck and remove Trump XVI, the Falling Tower. Stow the rest of the deck for future projects. (Especially some of those Swords cards. They’re fun.)

Go to and obtain at a minimum Destruction Oil, Sachet Powder, and Incense Powder. The bath crystals are optional. You may find the iconography on the labels highly suitable for our enterprise. Similarly go onto… and obtain Oil, Sachet Powder and Incense Powder. You will be blending the two formulae in each configuration. (Get extra Inflammatory Confusion ingredients for future projects. They’ll come in handy soon.)

Take a flat relic, preferably an autographed picture of one of the Trump dynasty, and anoint the four corners of the paper with the blend of Destruction Oil and Inflammatory Confusion Oil. Put on disposable rubber gloves and draw an X across the paper in Dead Water from The Age of Black Magic step three. Water in which Destruction Bath Crystals and Inflammatory Confusion Bath Crystals have been dissolved can be used as a substitute. If you have access to urine from a black dog, that makes a fine flourish to add as a third ingredient I suspect.

Take an inexpensive black pictureframe from a dollar store and place within it the autographed promotional photo. Place it within the frame upside down, so that if it were to stand on the fin it would be upside down but still visible.

Obtain two $100 bills, or if you cannot afford that $50 bills, or if that is impractical $2 bills. Blacken them away from you (use strokes from the side proximal to your body to the side furthest from your body, as you are projecting power away from you towards your target) with ink on both sides. A thick magic marker will do; a bottle of India ink also may be good.

As an alternative, consider Bat’s Blood Ink. They won’t be blackened, but they’ll work nicely too. If you choose this option, after it’s dried one can serve as a petition paper similar to the glass version described below and can be inscribed similarly to add some extra punch.

Burn the currency and mix all of the ashes with a blend of Destruction Sachet Powder and Inflammatory Confusion Sachet Powder. You can add gunpowder or saltpeter (potassium nitrate) if you wish, or if you’re really mean you can mix it with or even replace it all with standard graveyard dirt, Seven Suicide Soil or Goofer Dust.

Now, take a black Sharpie and use the glass of the picture frame as a petition paper. Write trumptowertrumptower… along the length of the frame thirteen in parallel lines in unbroken script. Then across the width write your curse; bankruptcylawsuitsmisfortuneterrorismfire or something like that. Let that dry.

Now take a small black candle and a large candle that is either green, yellow, brown, or white. (Green represents money, yellow represents gold, brown represents lawsuits and legal matters, and white represents many things including clarity of mind. The black candle represents misfortune and corruption.)

Make thirteen holes into the topmost wax of the large candle, and light the black candle to melt black wax over the top the large candle. Depending on the type of big candle you have, either use up the small black candle or fill the glass tube to the top and save the small back candle remnants for later.

(It is not unreasonable to switch that, and have a big black candle with colored wax at the top– but I prefer the black wax polluting and spoiling and devouring the good that the colored wax represents. Like a cancer.)

Dress the candle. Rub the mixture of oils from the base to the wick pointing away from you– preferably the exact direction of Trump Tower if you can figure this out from Google Maps.

Sprinkle a pinch of the powder onto the mouth of the candle, or as an alternative take a Sharpie and draw a cartoon skull, representation of The Tower, or simply the number XVI onto your left palm. Blow some of the powder from that palm onto the mouth of the candle.

Place the picture frame on the floor or the altar space where you plan to keep it. It should at the minimum be far away from children and pets. It will get a lot of usage.

Take the tarot card and anoint it with the oil mixtures at the four corners and a fifth dot at the center. If you are using a photo, place it near the eyes. Then place the cursed currency across the card, preferably blocking out the eyes of the target. (Some will prefer the tarot card upside down, though face up. Totally up to you.)

Now, take the candle and with its base smash the glass of the pictureframe at the place where the card and currency cross. It doesn’t need to get messy, just give it a nice crack. If it resembles a lightning bolt, all the merrier.

Tidy up the cross made from the tarot card and currency, spit on it, and place the candle over it.

Sprinkle the cursed powders in one or more circles around the candle. Leave some for later.

Recite imprecatory psalms, intone barbarous names, state your wishes, call upon whichever beings are your allies in matters such as these, and light that scary candle.

Do not pull punches. You are the lightning bolt striking The Tower.

Keep the altar space as is, but keep burning more candles until you are satisfied with the results.

(I have omitted astrological considerations and elections. They’re optional, but can strengthen the effect. If you’re capable of doing a malefic election, afflict the Ascendant and Ascendant Ruler when doing the work on the picture frame, and afflict the Descendant Ruler when preparing the candle. The Moon in the via combusta is very mischievous, and that the hours immediately before the combustion of the Moon are often worse than the combustion itself.)

Have fun, kids.

The Age of Black Magic: Step Four

Obtain relics of the Trump dynasty.

Celebrities love giving out signed photographs of themselves and the Trumps are no different. This gives us an opportunity to accumulate a hoard of relics which can be used in numerous ways to cause confusion, suffering, and misfortune to our patients.

Your homework is to write out requests to several of the Trump family members under different names (and different addresses as well, if you can manage it) to gain multiple copies of signed photographs for as many of the Trumps as you wish.

You need more than one of each because you’re going to do different things to each, and some will be ruined or destroyed by the process.

No, just printing JPEGs won’t cut it. Sorry.

You should write a plausibly flattering but short letter of support to each, comment graciously but not obsequiously and ask for a signed photo to add to your collection. Arouse no suspicion for yourself or for others engaged in similar activities.

You may be asking at this point why not just focus on the President Elect alone? I will explain that in a future post.




Donald Jr, Eric, and Barron probably can be reached similarly regarding Ivanka.

Mike Pence

I have not yet discerned how to obtain an autograph from Jared Kushner. Let me know if you figure that out and I shall append it to a future post.

Also, someone requested we bring George Soros onto the buffet table of woe. If that’s up your alley, here’s his mailing address *and* a convenient map which can be used in other wicked ways.

I don’t think he’s an evil mastermind that Right Wing media claims; but I don’t like him, and he needs to facilitate topsoil fertilization sooner than later. Or at least be neutralized in some capacity.

One can also obtain autographed items by buying them from and similar resources, but that obviously tends to be more expensive.

These are not the only kinds of relics but the easiest for people to obtain. People in the proximity of a Trump property can also take a non-digital photo (an old disposable camera, or a modern instant camera work nicely) of a Trump property logo will also be effective.

I’m sure you can come up with lots of other ideas, but my own experience indicates that digitization mutes the effects of sympathetic magic somewhat, to varying degrees between individuals.

Go forth and prepare for mayhem!

The Age of Black Magic: Step Three

Manufacture large amounts of Dead Water.

If you don’t have an ancestral altar, I can recommend the following book:

While some are not naturals with regards to necromantic sorcery, lots of people put out offerings like candles, candies and water for their deceased relatives. You will need some version of this for several steps forthcoming, so that’s something you want to set up right away. (Some of you may have had ancestors who who were soldiers or patriots or politicians, or simply people who would have found the Trump Dynasty objectionable. Objects belonging to them or pictures of them may be of uncommon value in this instance.)

When spirits visit the altar space and feed upon the offerings, they actually absorb the life-giving properties from them and what’s left over is a kind of sponge for luck and vitality, primed to restore that equilibrium from anything they touch.

It looks like normal water, but it’s a magical poison.

Which is why you normally throw away that stuff after about a week, and any spillage has to be cleaned up with Florida Water or something similar.

Or, you can concentrate that stuff by letting it evaporate in pans, then stored in glass bottles, and eventually loaded into spring water bottles or squirt guns, and used as a weapon on relics, people or buildings. Or you can trick rotten people to drink it, or boil food in it.

I call this stuff Dead Water or Anti-Water.

It’s not nearly as strong as Seven Suicide Soil, but a lot easier to manufacture. And it just looks like ordinary water, so it’s sneaky. So, get going on that.

The Age of Black Magic: Step Two

Render the United States Secret Service befuddled, paralyzed and lethargic with a freezer spell.

The difficulty here is to find a really good relic. Other than getting something from their gift shop on the cheap, I encourage you go on eBay and obtain a used United States Secret Service Challenge Coin. That’s a nice good personal concern and a symbol of excellence for the agency.

You are going to do some bad things to it.

Next, brew yourself some nice poppy tea. Leaves or seeds or both, for confusion and lethargy. Add a splash of warm milk to make them sleepy. Then a few drops of your urine to dominate them. Use your lucky number for those drops. (Some would perhaps add a petition paper, but I’d hold off on that for now.)

Put everything in a jar about 3/4ths full and stuff that in the back of your freezer.

You may wish some reassurance at this point that the aim here isn’t to soften up the defenses of the institutions which defend the President against assassination.

Be reassured. If Trump were to expire, he would be replaced by someone worse. Our aim is far more strategic and mischievous. And scary.

Stay tuned.

The Age of Black Magic: Step One

Obtain dirt from the graves of seven young people who have committed suicide because of the election of Donald Trump.

In combination this material will be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. These restless spirits will be your shock troops. They will be eager to work for you, against the administration especially.

One can substitute crematory ashes, or soil from those who have died as a consequence of the administration’s policies.

Put the kids to work; pay their graves. They are not your interns.

I list this first because it is a difficult project and may take years and collaboration to accomplish.