Astrological Magic Conference Announcement #1

Astrological Magic Conference

On Labor Day weekend, September 2nd & 3rd, I will be hosting the world’s first astrological magic conference, at a luxury hotel in New York City. Many of the greatest thinkers and practitioners alive will share with you new discoveries and marvels, along with much conversation and merriment with new and old friends. Mark your calendars and save some pennies, because it’s now my job to give you the time of your lives. Many more details, including the website, are forthcoming.

Upcoming WitchCon Online Lecture

Introduction to Medieval Astrological Magic

I will be lecturing an “Introduction to Medieval Astrological Magic” at WitchCon Online, on Saturday, March 4 at 7:45 pm.
And this is what it’s about:
“What was the most powerful magic in all of history? One likely answer may be a complex form of sorcery that was pivotal to the dominance of Arabic civilization in the Middle Ages and also a key catalyst for the Italian Renaissance. What its originators called the ‘Science of Images’ was a fusion of astrology, theurgy, angelology, ancient philosophy, spirit evocation, and gemstone lore. Some of the most famous people of the era, including Catholic saints and the most esteemed early scientists and doctors, used it openly for centuries; it was the very heart of a forgotten golden age of magic. Instructional manuals from this tradition provide recipes to create talismans at fortunate astrological timing windows for purposes as mundane as ridding pests from a building, gaining love and wealth, destroying entire cities, lengthening life, evoking spirits and performing strange miracles; at the highest level, they have the capacity to rewrite reality itself. Those who have experimented with this material for the past two decades believe that the effects promised manifest in unusually reliable and durable ways. In this class, we will discuss some of the history, theory, and implementation of this type of talisman as well as less well-known applications of this system of magic such as celestial petitions which evoke powerful spirits of time to grant wishes.”
My Bio on the site reads:
“Clifford Hartleigh Low is a sorcerer and archmage; the impossible man who does impossible things. From practicing city magic in Downtown New York to poring over his massive seven thousand-volume library of magic to summoning storms and spirits to amaze witnesses– over the past four decades of magical accomplishment he is like absolutely no one else. With a mastery of more systems of magic and divination than anyone alive, he is best known today as the most accomplished practitioner of astrological magic; having created over two thousand talismans by hand and deciphered large portions of the Picatrix, one of the most cryptic grimoires in history. In recent years he has begun validating his theories of magic through public displays. The best-known instances of these include his creation of a magical ring of wealth which granted him a mysterious and large inheritance. When skepticism was voiced he refuted critics by creating a second talisman, this one to win riches in lawsuits and was awarded a settlement of a much larger amount than the first. Clifford spends his time leisurely doing magical research, doing spellwork and divination for clients, lectures nationally at conventions, and blogs, runs online discussion forums (which he has been doing since around 1994); and for fun goes to rock concerts, mixes a mean cocktail, watches obscure horror films, and throws legendary parties.”

Featured Presenter Announcement

I am honored to announce that I will be a Featured Presenter at ConVocation 2023, taking place over the weekend of February 23rd in Michigan. I invite you all to attend.

ConVocation is one of my favorite events. It is the largest and longest running magic-related convention in America by a fairly large margin, and the attendance generally hovers around a thousand. It is one of several initiatives of MEC, the Magical Education Council; and the staff leading both the con and the organization have earned my affection and loyalty over the decade and change that I’ve known them. I am proud to be their friend, supporter, and in recent instances unofficial helper.

I’ve been given a special status of Featured Presenter this year (and in a few prior) in recognition of my special contributions to the magical community at large and of Michigan’s in particular,; as well as my effectiveness as a magician and lecturer. Only a select few of the many lecturers, entertainers and ritualists at ConVocation ever get to be Featured Presenters — and so this is one of the greatest honors a practitioner of the arcane can receive in America today. I am grateful to again be considered so worthy.

Now for the fun part: I am also known for throwing parties in many different social contexts. My parties at ConVocation are salons where the most elite of magical practitioners meet with their most intelligent and devoted of fans. Absinthe is rare, Fireball is almost mandatory, and always expect the unexpected. But I promise the next ones will be extra special treats. We surely need to blow off a little steam after such a long absence from our friends.

In the meantime, I am making preparations for my lectures, which will be announced separately so they can be shared with the specific communities that may have interest. ConVocation has always been a social space where controversial topics are broached with responsibility but without fear. After a gap of time rendered necessary by the pandemic, I wish to make up for lost time with quality over quantity. The lectures I have planned will be truly unforgettable.

Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Fixed Star Talismans

Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Fixed Star Talismans


SMARRT Presents “Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Ritual Procedures” with moderator Elizabeth Hazel and panelists Clifford Hartleigh Low, Joshua Proto, Michael Ofek and Christopher Warnock.

Join this panel of noted astro-mages at this question and answer session.

The discussion will include insights on the stars they’ve worked with, electing charts for talisman creation, materials and other specifics for this special area of astrological magic.

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Announcement: Astrological Magic Panels #1

Announcement: Astrological Magic Panels: Ritual Procedures


I’m excited to announce that I will be participating in the Astrological Magic discussion panel on Ritual Procedures Saturday, October 17 at 3 pm EDT. I’ll be joining Christopher Warnock, Michael Ofek and Joshua Proto for this session. This new project is being presented by SMARRT, the Michigan chapter of NCGR and will be moderated by Elizabeth Hazel.

I’m particularly looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty of talisman creation and related topics, and sharing highly useful techniques that have never appeared anywhere else. Contact for your Zoom links right now!



Big Money Magic @ PantheaCon 2020

Big Money Magic at PantheaCon 2020


I doubt that money is the root of all evil, but the lack of it certainly feels like hell.

As long as people have wished for more than they have, practical wealth magic has offered solutions.

This class will be a broad survey of effective magical techniques to draw and keep money. Whether you’ve wanted to find buried treasure, win the lottery, get a raise, inherit a fortune, invest like a pro, sustain your lifestyle, or even beat the house in Vegas, learn powerful spells you won’t find anywhere else.

Big money magic is real.

I’d like to note that the turnout and the quality of the attendees were probably the best I’ve had to date; a wonderful conclusion to my PantheaCon experience.

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Magic of the Lunar Mansions @ PantheaCon 2018

Magic of the Lunar Mansions at PantheaCon 2018



The Arabic Mansions of the Moon are often described as a Lunar Zodiac; a division of the passage of the Moon into 28 zones, about one per day.

Each “Manzil” foretells the life of those born under it, but plays an important role in the creation of talismans in the tradition of Scholastic Image Magic. Picatrix, Cornelius Agrippa and many other grimoires detail their astrologically timed creation for countless purposes.

These talismans are perhaps the simplest examples of this system, explaining their ubiquity.

In this class we will discuss how to select and make basic Mansion talismans.

Please note that this lecture is substantially different from the ConVocation lecture of the same name. While the other lecture is more streamlined, this lecture covers more sources and traditions.

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The Dark Arts: Curses, Binding, and Coercive Spells @ ConVocation 2020

The Dark Arts: Curses, Binding, and Coercive Spells at ConVocation 2020


People have been using magic to harm others since before recorded history, and practitioners have been busy inventing new and more ingenious spells to destroy people, places, and things in virtually every tradition. It’s controversial because it works.

We’ll survey historical methods of cursing, binding, and dominating, and highlight effective methods for the contemporary sorcerer and witch.

Learn how to make a Hoodoo poppet to cause suffering and incapacity, create a modern defixio from a lead sheet to cause illness, burn a black skull candle to drive someone insane, create a wax astrological talisman to foment strife, and more terrifyingly useful techniques.

As the Weird Sisters said, “Double, double toil and trouble.” Let’s get cooking.

I wish to give particular thanks to Chance Sparkhawk and Catherine Grubb for helping recover the audio from this lecture.

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Political Ancestral Altars @ ConVocation 2020

Political Ancestral Altars @ ConVocation 2020


In this clip from “Pawn Checks King: Political Magic” at ConVocation 2020, Clifford Hartleigh Low describes how ancestral work and ancestral altars can be modified for political ends.

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Charmed Letters & Perimeter Spells @ ConVocation 2020

Charmed Letters & Perimeter Spells @ ConVocation 2020


In this clip from “Pawn Checks King: Political Magic” at ConVocation 2020, Clifford Hartleigh Low describes how to charm letters sent to your representatives to make them listen to your concerns, and how to gain spiritual dominance over your local government, your town or city.

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