Regrow Your Fangs


A clip from “Black Magic Part Two” from ConVocation 2010, discussing rationales for studying and practicing black magic.

3 thoughts on “Regrow Your Fangs

  1. Hi, I supposedly opted in to get your blog posts years ago – never heard from you. Suddenly I get about 80 emails in my inbox from your new and old blog posts. What’s going on?

    1. I never really got the hang of blogs, so I spent most of my time on Facebook and private forums.

      I decided to migrate as much of my content that I could find to the blog and backdate it as best as possible, when it became hard for me to find my own output and Facebook algorithms made it hard to reach people, and then my server had an outage.

      The result in combination was unendurable, so I stopped procrastinating and decided to build my blog properly using everything from the past few years that I could find.

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