What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

Ponder: In order to have ultimate success in one or two areas of your life, you have to sacrifice about twice that number in the list of human experiences you are entitled to. This is true in magic as well as in ordinary life, because nobody lives forever and we have to prioritize. You can have nearly anything you want in life– just not everything you want at once. So, what would you choose as your ultimate goal, and what would you be brave enough to sacrifice to achieve it? Love, wealth, fame, respect, insight, knowledge, health, longevity, sex, home, power, influence, food, drugs (including caffeine and nicotine and alcohol), mobility, courage, play, youth, spontaneity… many others… The bigger the sacrifice usually leads to the bigger reward. Which of these would you be willing to amputate in order to have maximal attainment of which others? (For the purpose of the exercise, two sacrifices for one attainment.)

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