The Conjoining of the Hierarchies in Matter

Normally in astrological talismanic work, the objective is to make the talismanic materials maximally receptive to the singular force invested into the object. I have come to observe two peculiar exceptions; when the primary stellar force is applying to a tight trine of another compatible planet, the materials can be fused as a hybrid of the two forces. The second is that when the primary stellar force is not the Moon, and the Moon is exceptionally dignified during the electional window, often a greater share of power can be obtained by using materials compatible with both the primary stellar force (PSF) and the Moon.

Some of this of course deserves expansion, because some of the terminology I use here are innovations of mine. For example, Primary Stellar Force would perhaps be Jupiter when creating a Jupiter Ring, and the Moon as it transits the 28th Mansion when making a Ring of Arrexe. This gets a bit more complex when talking about House-Based Talismans. The materials proper to House-Based Talismans are a debated topic.

Now, the first exception was when a Ring election had the PSF making a tight applying trine to a planet. Let’s say that this was a Sun Ring and the Sun was making a tight applying trine with Jupiter. In such an election, it would be uncontroversial to use frankincense as fumigation or herbal matrix beneath the ring, but there might be additional advantages to using lignum aloes (agarwood) or gum mastic as these materials are considered receptive to both Sun and Jupiter.

The second exception was when a Ring election was extremely strong, but also was so strong and unafflicted with the Moon that it could conceivably have been altered slightly to prepare a Moon ring instead. In these circumstances, the coloration and attributes of the Moon can be bled into the range of potential materials of the PSF to create something which is a little greater than the sum of its parts. So, this could be ensuring that the ring band was primarily silver in order to invest greater Lunar force, or a herb which was compatible with both PSF and Moon (or fumigation) to attract greater potency into the gem.

In the latter case, the Moon and PSF do not need to be aspecting, because all elections seem to require the participation of the Moon.

This sort of thing can happen when materials have multiple associations; so lapis lazuli is of Saturn, Sun, and Venus alike. You might have been going in the direction of onyx for your Saturn ring, but you find Saturn is making a tight trine to the Sun and thus want to get a little more of that commanding power in your ring.

Lapis is a more delicate material, but it’s also relatively inexpensive– so that a canny practitioner could easily make one or more backup rings during the electional window in case the first were damaged. Considering that one of the other stones of Saturn is sapphire, you may end up happier and richer with two lapis lazuli Saturn rings than one sapphire Saturn ring.

But ultimately, this is all about power. The timing of an elected ring of this sort and the proper selection of metals, stones, fumigations, and herbal matrices all increase the potency of the resulting ensouled artifact. The ugliest-seeming of rings can sometimes have the most spectacular of effects, and the most beautiful and beguiling rings the most dangerous to the wearer. I’ve worn both.

Appearances tell you far less than you might suspect; everything is occult, hidden. In plain sight.

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