Picatrix on the Properties of Venus



The Rings of Defense

THE RINGS OF DEFENSE: The Ninth Mansion, Al Tarf


“The ninth mansion is called Atarf. It begins in at 12 degrees 51 minutes and 26 seconds of Cancer and ends at 25 degrees 42 minutes and 51 seconds of the same sign. In this Mansion it is good… to help a man defend himself from being attacked by another man.”

Not the most obvious election; Al Tarf is primarily used for curses, but this was the last benevolent election for this Mansion for some time to come, and took the opportunity.

My hope is that the Moon’s trine with a virtually stationary Mercury in extreme essential debility will cause potential attackers to stumble and freeze.


The Three Year Project

One of these days I’m going to have to tell people about the The Three Year Project, which wrapped up around my last birthday. People really have no idea what magic can achieve if it is pursued diligently. I’m not really a patient person, but I am a determined one. This was one of my greatest triumphs and I can’t even talk about it. I’m not sure who would believe me anyway. It’s so frustrating.