The White Gems of Great Fortune



Not quite as good as the prior recent elections, but still viable. Jupiter is unafflicted and Rising in his Hour. The Moon is applying to Venus, though the aspect is adverse. Picatrix would deem this a mild fortitude. The Moon’s Sign Ruler is not cadent, though SR– not a significant consideration from what I recall. The Lunar Mansion is of a benevolent nature though the Moon is somewhat slow. The Moon is applying to conjoin Jupiter’s antiscion; probably doesn’t hurt. Jupiter is closely applying to the fixed star Castor, which may make it more durable in effects.

The stone was white dolomite. The suffumigation was storax. The oil was Luckymojo Jupiter Oil. No herb was used; these gems are intended to be carried in a mojo-style bag loosely filled with Jovian herbs in one’s pocket. Six were made.

“Under the influence of Jupiter, make the figure of a crowned man sitting on a throne with four feet carried by four winged men and the man who is sitting on the throne is raising his hands as though he were praying. Make it in the hour of Jupiter when Jupiter is rising in his exaltation and make it in a clear and white stone. Those who carry this image will have increase of riches and honor and lead a good life, and have many sons, and be able to perform good things and not be injured by enemies.”

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