Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Picatrix Rubeus page 153:

“This sage, when he taught, used to offer this advice, that any sage who wanted to work magic, and preserve himself with the powers of the spirits, ought strictly to give up all cares and all other sciences beside this one, because when all the senses and the mind, and all contemplations about other things, are strictly turned to magic, it may be acquired with ease; and since many assiduous contemplations are appropriate to this science of magic, the magician must wrap himself in these, rather than being wrapped around any other things.

Tintinz the Greek said the same thing in the beginning of his book, that one who desires to perform this work ought to abandon all intention and contemplation concerning other things, because the root and foundation of all these workings consists of contemplations.”

I’ve been saying this for a long while– the more devoted one is to the pursuit of magic, the more you get out of it. Dabblers won’t get far, and magic is not a hobby. It’s what you have to become.

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