The Rings of the Kiss of Darkness

THE RINGS OF THE KISS OF DARKNESS: Venus in Zero Scorpio, Cazimi.


[I am only including this post, unedited, for historical purposes. This was one of the dumbest, riskiest, and most malefic talismans I’ve ever created. It did not work as intended, but was a magnet for terrible misfortune. Awful.]

This is the first set of rings I’ve ever made which could conceivably require a safeword.

I’ve been dropping hints left and right about experimental rings, talismans of debauchery and so on… all leading up to this.

Most of you will think this is a curse talisman. It is not. (Nor is it perfect, but nothing is.)

“In the jungle of the senses; Tinker Bell and Jack The Ripper.”

I have long theorized that talismans must be possible which go beyond the morality/luck vs immorality/misfortune dichotomy. Everything in the skies is reflected on Earth and vice versa. So luck with sinful endeavors must be possible to elect, and furthermore imbue into a talisman. So I made myself a triad of rings that shoots perverto-beams.

One method to do this is to use mixed Essential Dignity and Essential Debility. Some consider peregrination to be an intermediate state; I don’t. It is a state of powerlessness and inertia, which when combined with Essential Debility results in misfortune and an inability to escape it, as well as poor judgement. But when Essential Debility is combined with any manner of Essential Dignity, the powerlessness of peregrination is annulled and the Debility represents vice and immoral aims, while Dignity represents power and skill in this sphere of influence. That’s how you signify someone who is really good at being really bad.

“But you know evil is an exact science; Being carefully, correctly, wrong.”

Venus is in Scorpio, putting her in Detriment. This is a -5 and peregrine by most reckonings. However, though most tables of Essential Dignities and Debilities give Mars both diurnal and nocturnal triplicity for the Watery Signs, some give Venus diurnal Triplicity for Water. This makes much sense to me, as Venus loves moisture and lending so much power to Mars without balance strikes me to be unreasonable. Thus, Venus receives a +3 through Triplicity, ultimately being a mere -2 tally and escapes peregrination.

“Very little fruit is forbidden.”

Nevertheless, Venus is at 0 Scorpio and that’s the heart of the Via Combusta. This election was very, very wicked.

But extremely strong by accidental dignity, because Venus is also firmly in cazimi. She is unified with the dark flame of the Sun in Scorpio. Ka-pow.

So, Venus is lucky in bad, naughty, no-good, dastardly Venus matters. And because Venus is in cazimi/combustion, she can do them secretly and nobody will ever know.

“Love has no meaning– not where they come from. But we know pleasure is not that simple.”

What does Lilly say about Venus when ill dignified? “Then he is Riotous, Expensive, wholly given to Loosenesse and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Reputation, coveting unlawful Beds, Incestuous, an Adulterer; Fennatical, a meer Skip-jack, of no Faith, no Repute, no Credit; spending his Means in Ale-houses, Taverns, and amongst Scandalous, Loose people; a meen Lazy companion, nothing careful of the the things of this Life, or any thing Religious; a meer Atheist and natural man.”

Well, that’s just so very judgmental of you, Mr.Lilly.

If I ever feel like being wholly given to the lewd companies of women, coveting unlawful beds, and spending excessively in taverns among scandalous, loose people, I know who I won’t be inviting to the party. But I know which ring I’ll be wearing for the occasion.

I’ll also totally get away with it, because a planet under combustion is hidden and escapes scrutiny. And it will come easily because Triplicity signifies ease, and it will be immensely strong because cazimi is pretty mighty.

“This is the splendor of our achievement; Call in the air strike with a poison kiss.”

This really is the Rock Star Lifestyle ring, except that it’s sneaky. I’m okay with that.

In any case, let’s break down the rest of the details.

The Moon is combust and in the 1st House and separating from Venus, but afflictions of the Moon are rectified by having a benefic on the ASC or MC. I don’t think this is a really big deal, but it must be noted.

Venus Day and Hour. Nice.

The Moon is in the 17th Mansion, which offers durable loves and friendships. It’s not clear if this is a genuine factor. I guess if my newly acquired slaves stick around I can make them do the laundry. 🙂

Saturn is in Scorpio, which will weaken the election somewhat, but I do not deem this a significant factor.

The Moon is conjoined to the Part of Fortune, but that’s normal for a chart of this kind.

Anyway, the inscription on the rings was the bird headed girl holding an apple and comb, with the OAOIOA looking bit. The herbs beneath the ring were violet and thyme, and the suffumigation was violet, thyme, and storax resin. Tarot liked this, but actually wanted storax and myrtle for a suffumigation but I was all out of myrtle. I need to do better inventory.

The oil used was Magnet Oil. Magnet Oil has a reputation for powerful influences on money and lovers which are extreme and somewhat unnatural in character and extent. Considering the flavor of this ring, I knew it wasn’t going to be Marriage Oil.

“Cover Him up, I think we’re finished. You know it’s never been so exotic.”


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