The Rings of Triumphing Light

THE RINGS OF TRIUMPHING LIGHT: Sun in Domicile Ascending, Fortunes in the 1st House.


This was a particularly meaningful and powerful election, made in the hours immediately before my mother’s gravestone unveiling ceremony, one day after the third anniversary of her death. Her epitaph was “She was like the Sun; overflowing with beauty, warmth, and bringing cheer. By night unseen, yet not truly gone.” I’d often associated her with Solar virtues, which were strong in her nativity; in a way this was a way of honoring her as well as making ten rings of great power.

The Sun Ascends in domicile during Sun Hour and Day. The Moon applies a perfected sextile to the Sun. Though far from the Sun’s beams, both Fortunes are in the 1st House. The Moon is fast and in a very fortunate Mansion, and unafflicted.

The main difficulty of the election was that Venus was retrograde and entered 8 degrees of the Ascendant within about nine minutes of the election’s commencement. Thus, petition and all ten rings had to be inscribed within this narrow window of time. Having a retrograde planet on the Ascendant (or Ruling it) nullifies an election, though Benefics are more moderate in their afflictions. Two of the final rings were made just barely outside of the window but are probably valid, if weaker.

On this occasion I had an assistant, Jennifer– also my editor and close friend. She made but one of the rings, but mostly fed the suffumigation incense onto the coal and saved me time thereby. I aimed to have her become familiar with my procedures for writing projects in the future.

The materials were selected through divination. The herbal matrix under the rings were celendine and lignum aloes. From this one might assume the rings will combine the protective virtues of celendine with the wealthy virtues of lignum aloes. (Perhaps it will protect against money jinxes? It’s impossible to know until one tests it.) The suffumigation was a blend of frankincense, calamus, marjoram, and rosemary. The stones were all bloodstone, and the band was gold wire with a tougher core of gold-plated brass.

The inscription was the word SUN over the Latin Picatrix Sun sigil (the one which looks like an inverted V with circular serifs) and the sigil of the Intelligence of the Sun at the bottom– the version with a serif and a circle termination. This was also determined through divination.

Aside from running out of time with the 8a (my own notation) everything went splendidly.

All ten of the rings are untouched and pristine and may be bestowed on others, though I probably will claim some for myself at a later point.

Below, I include the highly abbreviated Solar petition used. Credit me with the edit if you use it anywhere.

“May God bless you, Sun, you who are fortunate and the greater fortune, hot and dry, luminous, resplendent, noble, beautiful, exalted, and honored king over all the stars and planets. Power of beauty, subtlety, good disposition, truth, wisdom, knowledge and riches, which by your virtue are acquired, and in you are made strong. You are the lord of the six planets, which are governed by your motion, and you reign over them and have kingship and lordship over them, and they are obedient to you and depend on your aspect. You are king, and they are vassals. No one can possibly perceive all your good and noble qualities, which are infinite to our intellects. Infuse your spirit and light into these mighty talismans, so that the marvels I desire may be accomplished.”

I made a peridot Sun talisman with mule hair for the easing of breathing difficulties (as per Agrippa) for my mother some years ago. It was the only jewelry on her when she died, and I still carry it with me wherever I go.

Let the light shine on!

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