The Talismans of the Angel with the Backwards Head

THE TALISMANS OF THE ANGEL WITH THE BACKWARDS HEAD: Strong Capella election with the ASC Ruler Retrograde.


So, I never post talismanic elections in the future that I intend to use because I find that ruins them. I won’t be using this one.

“Horehound seed mixed with equal parts of mint, wormwood and mandrake, placed etc., exalts men to honors, and brings them the favor of kings and nobles, and heals toothache, and is very medicinal.”

The stone is sapphire, which can be obtained fairly inexpensively if you search for star sapphire rather than the typical cut and grade of sapphire. Make sure the stone is black or blue; some modern corundums in other colors are sold under the name sapphire but are not such by the older nomenclatures.

The Moon applies very tightly to Capella on the MC. The Moon is triumphed by separating from Jupiter (not visible in the chart) and applying to Venus. The Moon is fast, and in a benevolent Mansion. The Ruler of the Moon’s Sign is Angular.

The ASC Ruler is relatively fast, Dignified, and applying to the North Node. It is also applying to a sextile of Saturn, but Mercury and Saturn get along quite well (and the Moon is waning) so I consider this a modest weakness.

Here’s the problem: The ASC Ruler is Retrograde.

Some of us believe that in fixed star elections the role of the ASC Ruler is irrelevant. I don’t.

Nevertheless, this is a science and we must experiment. Perhaps this can be further clarified.

I invite you to put it to the test. If your talisman provides what you seek within one year, I may well have been proven wrong. But please note any side effects or frustrations resulting from the afflicted Ascendant. After all…

“Never place a retrograde planet as the lord of the ascendant or the lord of the petition because, if either one is retrograde, the petition will be delayed and put at a distance and will not go forward; this is what a retrograde reveals and demonstrates.”

Picatrix Rubeus, page 73.

5 thoughts on “The Talismans of the Angel with the Backwards Head

  1. >>So, I never post talismanic elections in the future that I intend to use because I find that ruins them.

    What is the rule and/or mechanism for this?

    Is it if anyone knows in advance the election is ruined? Or does there have to be a magickal link? (So therefore posting anonymously in say Christopher Warnock’s group would be ok but letting flesh & blood friends know would be bad?) Or is it if people you are linked to know and are unfavorably disposed to magick or you?

    I’m guessing discussing after that fact is allowable just based your descriptions of what you did on this blog.

    As I’ve gotten more into SIM, I’ve started sharing elections with friends in my local magick group, maybe this is a mistake. In general I don’t discuss practical magick workings in advance, part of the whole know-dare-will-keep silent, but when you say OMG one month from now there’s a great election at this exact date and time, you’ve let the cat out of the bag.

    I’m really interested in getting more data on how SIM actually works for people. How do talismans for someone’s detrimented planets work? How do talismans for someone’s dignified and angular planets work? I need to get more data points which is part of my motivation to getting my friends into it, the other is helping them out with something that works. Maybe I need one set of elections for myself and one set of elections for my friends.

    1. It may just be a quirk with me, but all of my magic has dramatically increased efficiency of I inform no one of any details until the main work is done. I can tell people in busy doing magic and then lock myself away for a few hours, or tell people I’m busy on Tuesday doing something magical but any further details and chances are it’ll be ineffective for me.

      This was taught to me very early in my magical studies and I’ve mostly stuck to it. When I’ve been open about the project it’s always failed.

    2. John Michael Greer once wrote that secret information behaves differently than shared information. I believe this is especially true in magic. Certainly many magical recipes require different forms of secrecy to operate successfully. Hoodoo mojo bags cannot be seen or touched by any but their owners or they become dead and inert.

  2. Thank you kindly for the response. I think I’ll go for two sets of elections: one for myself, one to give out for friends. (But then would my knowing about their working invalidate their election….and I’m down the rabbit hole now 🙂

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