Picatrix on Texts with Double Meaning

Picatrix Rubeus pages 54-55:

“The concealment and profundity of words is the subtlety of the wise in their reasonings, so that they cannot be understood without much contemplation. Their meaning lies hidden therein until intelligence extracts it from its concealments, and then it is extracted from a different meaning that is understood by the intellect at first glance. This science of magic is divided into two parts, of which one is manifest, and the other deeply hidden. The part deeply hidden is profound, and there are profound perceptions that cannot be grasped except with others that come before them through hard work, until their relationship becomes apparent and they are uncovered.

“If anyone thoroughly studies this according to the dictum just given, he will have all that he desires, and secrets will be opened to him, and thereby he will attain what he wishes. The byways and highways leading to this attainment are many, however. Some of them are to take proofs from the manifest and apply them to the hidden, and returning the branches to the root in order to join them together, and to assemble in one’s consciousness and thought the credible sayings of saintly men or of some particular saint.

“In this way you will reach completion and perfection, and you will attain what you wish, and the manifest and concealed meaning of these words will be revealed to you. Likewise, you will be granted the right to pass freely on the roads just mentioned, so that you will be able to attain knowledge and penetrate and uncover hidden things—because by each of the aforesaid roads you will be able to attain what you wish, and understand knowledge and its meanings, and understand all things, and perceive all things in their proper order.”

I think this passage is other than it appears and may contain some of the most powerful secrets of Picatrix.

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