SIM Petitions

When you make a petition, it mimics the medieval feudal practices of approaching a prince and begging a boon in exchange for fealty and a service. It’s quite clear from the structure of the petition incantations that this is what’s going on.

That would be vaguely like being dubbed a knight in the court of a king. You would be given a degree of power, and in exchange be required to look after your liege’s interests and be at the ready for his call to war.

Since the planetary hierarchies (you may now wish to think of them as medieval courts of seven kingdoms) don’t actually wage war with each other per se, by doing a petition you are taking on the responsibility of promoting your liege’s interests and defending their honor. 

So, how does one do that with the Royal Court of Venus? By dressing in silk and sexy clothes, being flirtatious, having lots of sex, singing songs, and eating sweets. And also encouraging this with others.

Not exactly a hard job, if you ask me. But since that’s the sort of thing you’re asking the Ruler of the Kingdom of Venus for in the first place, there’s almost no line at all between having your boon granted and doing your service for your liege.

You expand your leige’s domain thereby. You carry his or her banner and sometimes literally wear their signet ring. You become their willing representative and embodiment in the Sublunar Realm. You become living proof of your patron’s power and authority. That’s what they get out of it. Influence and respect.

This also makes sense in terms of energy and mathematics. If one chooses to think of astrological powers as rays and flows of energy, we know (as the ancients did) that light and sound vibrate according to distinct mathematical frequencies.

Furthermore, they knew that the seven planets and their movements had distinctive mathematical relationships to notes on a musical scale; from which we get the notion of the Music of the Spheres.

By performing a petition, you are attempting to get your muffled inertia-burdened vibratory frequencies to harmonize better with those of that planetary frequency.

By doing this, you become a better conduit of that tone, or ray of astral light. Or spirit hierarchy, as I prefer to think of it.

(Where this model has a limitation slightly, is that one can do this with several frequencies in alternation rather than just one inflexibly.)

It’s sometimes hard to adapt to the notion that spirits might also be energies etc. But this is a very old idea. Pythagoras felt that numbers and ratios were gods, or beings that the gods themselves served.

In the realm of optics, Al Kindi felt that spirits were all rays; made of different kinds of energy, and vibrating at different mathematical frequencies. The interactions of these vibrations were what created Time in the first place.

It all connects together.

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