Engraving Pens For Scholastic Image Magic

The primary tool for making SIM talismans is the diamond-tipped stylus or pen (I mean, other than your brains, astrology software and so forth.)

Do not use a dremel or another powered engraving tool. It will slide across the surface of the metal or gemstone, ruining the inscription or snagging it and slinging it across the room like a bullet. You do not want to find out what that’s like.

If you make a lot of talismans, you can expect to replace your stylus two or three times a year, so to save on shipping order at least two. The harder the material engraved, the sooner the diamond tip dulls.

Always test the condition of your stylus before the election, or have a backup ready. Good elections are too precious to fuck up.

Steel tips are not ideal if there’s any chance you’re going to work with harder minerals. Save yourself frustration and just go with the diamond tipped ones.

This is my favorite type:


This is nearly as good:


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