The Age of Black Magic: Step Four

Obtain relics of the Trump dynasty.

Celebrities love giving out signed photographs of themselves and the Trumps are no different. This gives us an opportunity to accumulate a hoard of relics which can be used in numerous ways to cause confusion, suffering, and misfortune to our patients.

Your homework is to write out requests to several of the Trump family members under different names (and different addresses as well, if you can manage it) to gain multiple copies of signed photographs for as many of the Trumps as you wish.

You need more than one of each because you’re going to do different things to each, and some will be ruined or destroyed by the process.

No, just printing JPEGs won’t cut it. Sorry.

You should write a plausibly flattering but short letter of support to each, comment graciously but not obsequiously and ask for a signed photo to add to your collection. Arouse no suspicion for yourself or for others engaged in similar activities.

You may be asking at this point why not just focus on the President Elect alone? I will explain that in a future post.




Donald Jr, Eric, and Barron probably can be reached similarly regarding Ivanka.

Mike Pence

I have not yet discerned how to obtain an autograph from Jared Kushner. Let me know if you figure that out and I shall append it to a future post.

Also, someone requested we bring George Soros onto the buffet table of woe. If that’s up your alley, here’s his mailing address *and* a convenient map which can be used in other wicked ways.

I don’t think he’s an evil mastermind that Right Wing media claims; but I don’t like him, and he needs to facilitate topsoil fertilization sooner than later. Or at least be neutralized in some capacity.

One can also obtain autographed items by buying them from and similar resources, but that obviously tends to be more expensive.

These are not the only kinds of relics but the easiest for people to obtain. People in the proximity of a Trump property can also take a non-digital photo (an old disposable camera, or a modern instant camera work nicely) of a Trump property logo will also be effective.

I’m sure you can come up with lots of other ideas, but my own experience indicates that digitization mutes the effects of sympathetic magic somewhat, to varying degrees between individuals.

Go forth and prepare for mayhem!

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