The Age of Black Magic: Step Six

The Ascendant Degree As A Relic

Today I’m going to teach you a dirty little trick from SIM. One can influence a target, benevolently or malevolently, far easier when their natal degree of Ascent is on the horizon.

So, if you want to influence him you want to commence your magic when Leo 29 is on the Ascendant. Happens once a day for about two minutes.

One way to do that is to print out said chart at the time in question and use it as a relic.

Another is to commence another sort of ritual at that time. That is more effective.

A far more vicious version is available to people more proficient with astrology.

When you either afflict the Ascendant by having a Malefic or highly debilitated planet conjoined to the Ascendant or even on 29 Leo — or have the Ruler of that Sign in an acute state of accidental affliction or essential debility– you can do serious damage.

What I would do is wait until the Sun is in Aquarius and do your thing when 29 Leo is on the horizon, preferably Sun Hour or Sun Day or both.

When you do this, the Sun is going to be near the Descendant. You’ll want it in the 7th House rather than the 6th, though there’s a little wiggle room of about five degrees on the cusp. That’s because the 7th House is Angular, and is suitable for rapid changes — especially changes of dominance and control. The 6th is Cadent and is far less suitable.

Avoid times when the Moon is making a separating aspect to the Sun.

Earlier this evening I suggested people buy instant cameras. If you take an instant photo of a friend or client when their Ascending natal degree is currently Ascending *and* the Ruling planet is unafflicted and preferably dignified, that photo is a powerful relic for healing and luck magic.

But that’s the opposite of what we are trying to do today.

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    1. They’re exactly the same thing. Relic is the term used most frequently in Western Hermeticism and Wicca and personal concern is the most common term used for the same in Hoodoo, Rootwork or African-American Conjure. I alternate or use both based on my expected audience’s familiarity.

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