Mercury Retrograde Is My Ally


So, I guess this is what happens when you’re an astrological magician and Mercury goes Retrograde–

Companies send you $1100 Movado wristwatches completely randomly, and don’t bill you for them.

Magic is awesome.

Also, please tell me how Mercury Retrograde is awful. For you, maybe.

PS: Things like this happen to me relatively frequently during Mercury Retrogrades. Cosmic glitches happen in your favor if you practice SIM. For everything there is a season…

4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Is My Ally

  1. The last time I was on vacation in New Orleans with some friends and my SO. We all had some sort of bank issue, the hotel messed up our reservation and there were lots of squabbles caused by miscommunication, one of which led to the end of my relationship!

    1. That totally can happen. I use Mercury talismans and sometimes do rituals to honor or ask favors from Mercury called petitions. It doesn’t stop Mercury from going wacky in my life, but it often compensates in some unexpected way.

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