The Age of Black Magic: Step Nine

Reversal Magic


Are your anti-Trumpian magical activities going as you had hoped? If yes, you can ignore the rest of this post.

If not, you may wish to stop whatever it is that you’re doing and do the most aggressive reversal magic that you have in your arsenal.

Pro-Trump magicians have been targeting their counterparts individually and collectively, or so I was told a few weeks ago. Attempts to coordinate magic against the administration have mysteriously gone up in smoke, simply failed, or resulted in the Anti-Trump practitioners becoming distracted by personal troubles of all sorts.

In some instances, the former and latter may be linked by causality. If that’s the case, it’s probably a good idea for you to drop everything and bounce that shit right back where it came from.

I am not going to immediately advise a particular method of reversal; use what works best for you. You might want to hit back with something strong and unexpected. Several flavors of reversal at once are going to be harder to shield against.

Practitioners shouldn’t attack each other, but giving an enemy a taste of their own medicine (and then some) is often a teachable experience.



2 thoughts on “The Age of Black Magic: Step Nine

  1. Clifford, besides pro-Trump magicians, do you think all the christians praying for him could be protecting him? I don’t mean to say that christian prayer alone could easily prevent these sorts of magic, but all that belief and energy seems like it could be doing something! Interested to hear what you have to say about this

    1. I’m sure it creates some kind of influence but it’s seldom measurable. I think perhaps it creastes something like a cloud of smoke rather than a shield, so it’s harder to hit a target. Because you’re trying to cut through millions of people’s idea of your target while trying to hit the actual person. It’s very achievable but your aim and your force needs to be optimal.

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