Ménage à Talisman

The Power of Three


“When the Moon is rising in this mansion by night, fashion a lamina of gold and inscribe in it the figures of two maidens embracing and the figure of a man before them and over the heads of the two maidens, a crown… and pray by the name [of the lord of the mansion that there be love] between you and your women and your maidens, and also that there love be between them, from one to the other; and so it will be.”

So, apparently there’s an ancient SIM talismanic formula for consummating threesomes.

People do not change.

Note to self: I could probably charge a lot of money for these.


4 comments on “Ménage à Talisman

  1. Damien says:

    Wow, great post! So have you made any of these talismans and if so, were the results good? Were there threesomes involved? lol

    • Clifford Hartleigh Low says:

      I have not made these, but I have made approximately one thousand talismans of many other kinds which have generally proven efficacious.

      • Damien says:

        Impressive, but think I want to try and make this one. Could you kindly tell me where you found these instructions or guidance on how to make this?

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