Secrets of the 36 Zodiacal Faces @ PantheaCon 2015

Secrets of the 36 Zodiacal Faces at PantheaCon 2015:


Clifford Hartleigh Low’s lecture on the “Secrets of the 36 Zodiacal Faces” at PantheaCon 2015. This class analyzes in detail Book II, Chapter 11 of the Latin Picatrix. This text instructs the student in the creation of thirty-six talismans of supreme power ascribed to the Zodiacal Faces (also known as Decans), while also containing some of the most mysterious passages ever written. This lecture describes many of these talismans and how to create them, and the discovery of the hidden meanings of the more cryptic passages which until now have not been revealed elsewhere. Discover why Cornelius Agrippa, Giordano Bruno, Abraham Ibn Ezra, and many others have found this chapter one of the most fascinating in all of magical and astrological literature.

This class is similar in content, but not identical, to the ConVocation 2015 lecture of a similar name.

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8 thoughts on “Secrets of the 36 Zodiacal Faces @ PantheaCon 2015

  1. You mentioned in the video that when creating a talisman, the rule to place the Sun on the Asc makes a talisman all Sun talisman regardless of what the purpose of the talisman is which doesn’t make sense. My guess is that the Sun, the Lucifer aka the gatekeeper needs to open the gate before other energy can be accessed, much like when you are working with Orisha that you need to invoke Elegua/Esu first so that you’d be grated access to other Orish aka energies. Astrology was taught to men by Annunaki (fallen angels aka aliens). Christians worship the Sun god which is really Lucifer (what an irony lol), the fallen angel, and therefore, we need a permission from him.

    1. I’m not sure about what you’re suggesting regarding aliens and Lucifer, but yes the Sun is the intermediary in Face talismanic elections in the same way the Moon is the intermediary in most other types of talismans– as a gatekeeper and as a cosignificator. That does mean that Face talismans are in a *sense* Solar, but that means other classes of talismans are to some extent Lunar by necessity.

      1. Thank you sir for your extra explanation. It makes sense.
        I love your lectures. They are very informative and clear. Do you do a consultation on the phone? I need an advice.

  2. Good evening Sir! I would like a comment from you about the hindu system of faces, present in Picatrix book 2 chapter 12. The procedure to make those talismans is the same as explained before in chapter 11 (sun in the Ascendant, face ruler in the face, etc.)? Do we invoke the same spirits for those talismans (Disornafais for the third face of aries, Jaus for the first face of Taurus, etc.) even though the rulers are different in this system? What is your opinion about those talismans? Are they as powerful as the ones in chapter 11?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Sir, do you think that having the sun making a trine or sextile to the face ruler for a benefic talisman and a square or opposition for a malefic talisman instead of placing the sun on the ASC is equally powerful and stable or it makes the election less powerful?

    1. I think it’s effective, but I have used those elections so infrequently that I’m not sure I can make an informed decision.

      1. Thank you so much for your answer, Mister Hartleigh. I learn much with you!

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