A Treasury of Money Magic

A Treasury of Money Magic @ ConVocation 2019


I doubt that money is the root of all evil, but the lack of it can feel like hell.

Magic to manipulate prosperity precedes the invention of currency, and there’s no sign it’s going out of style any time soon.

As long as people wish for more than they have, practical wealth magic offers solutions.

This class is a broad survey of magical techniques and traditions that draw and keep money.

Whether you’ve wanted to conjure a spirit to find buried treasure, win a lottery, get a raise, inherit a fortune, invest like a pro, get an edge over your business rivals, enchant an ever-full purse, sustain your lifestyle, or even beat the house in Vegas, I have some amazing and effective spells to teach you that you won’t find anywhere else.

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5 thoughts on “A Treasury of Money Magic

    1. What would you advise we do, if we have no knowledge of magical arts but want to access these same results of wealth and the such with no mallady?

  1. Speaking of money magic…You used to offer “Sell Your Soul,” via Necronomi.Com, (Cool website name, by the way), what are your personal recommendations for making a Faustian Bargain, for real, (assuming such a thing is even possible)?

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