Big Money Magic @ ConVocation 2019

Big Money Magic at ConVocation 2019


Continuing what we began with “A Treasury of Money Magic” we will discuss even more techniques of wealth magic from a wide range of traditions, as well personal tips, methods, and strategies I’ve leveraged successfully for myself and for clients.

If you’ve already been dusting your money with sachet powders, putting talismans in your wallet, petitioning your ancestors with lottery tickets, and burning green candles dressed with lodestone dust and pyrite grit, we’ll take it to the next level and beyond; expect a few surprises.

This lecture will help you greatly along your quest for treasure and living like royalty.

Big money magic is real.

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18 thoughts on “Big Money Magic @ ConVocation 2019

  1. Thanks to your previous videos about Astrological image magick I have invested in CWarnocks Astro magic class.

    Also after listening to this video I researched some of the books your references but I am unsure where the rest of the colors are shared.
    I found a guy named PT VK Sharma who wrote the magic of numbers and while he shares the same planetary numerical associations that you’ve shared during the lecture. He still has Jupiter as blue.
    Jup is blue
    Mars is Yellow
    Moon is Orange
    Sun is Red
    Mer is Green
    Saturn is Violet
    Venus is Indigo
    I wonder why so many have gotten it incorrect?
    I look forward to hearing your perspective on what actually works in regards to Planetary magick. Thanks for sharing this info. It’s a #GAMECHANGER.

      1. Do you have intensive classes on how to create talismans because I want to find out how to create my own. I would imagine if you don’t know a lot about astrology that you should start with astrology . I saw some of your videos and you said you had an expensive astrology software that was $400. I know something of astrology but I am not able to Calculate a chart on my own. So I know I need help in that respect. I am willing to pay for your time of course. I’m sure it took you a lot of hard studying to acquire the knowledge you have and you’re not just going to give it away and I don’t blame you. However, there’s more that I need to know. Especially after seeing your videos talking about the stars and the power of the planets; mystifying new knowledge I defiantly missed .I do better in a class type situation where I can ask questions rather than reading a book or I could get confused not have an expert help me out right then and there. I have practiced hoodoo etc before and have been very successful In spell work as a lone Practitioner. I know a lot about crystals and stones though .After seeing your videos I said you know this is the knowledge I need to put with some of the knowledge that I already have. I have never read Agrippa or the Picatrix . But I have a copy in my cart now on Amazon. It’s kind of hard to read something like that if you don’t understand what it’s referring too or the history behind it etc. I guess to make a long story short ; what I’m asking if you have a classes in Talisman making or where are you located what state. Or do you prefer someone buying a talisman from you? I already have 2 greater Keys of solomon talismans that were made by someone. How do I contact you or do you contact me?

      2. I recommend Christopher Warnock’s Astrological Magic Class to get you up to speed. It’s easier for me to teach you my perspectives that way, which are built on top of his work.

  2. Hi Cliff. You make some pretty radical claims (mostly backed by research) about the Planetary color and number associations and correspondences, as well as their seals. I suspect a lot of personal experimentation will be necessary to establish the validity of this information, as entirely counter-intuitive it would be for me and everyone who has basically internalized these systems, but I will make some sincere efforts toward that.

    Now, besides actually trying it for yourself, is there some kind of movement toward re-educating people about the “correct” planetary associations to help basically all of the (Western) magical community unlearn what has been taught for centuries and get us on a path of doing better, more effective magic?


    1. I should be posting revised tables with the upcoming posts. A lot of people will stubbornly stick to the familiar methods — but I think there is a natural selection of ideas and the results will speak for themselves.

  3. Found your talk thought provoking and enjoyed hearing personal accounts of the many approaches you use to draw money. You mentioned a friend who had been a Tibetan monk and gave you a Ganesh mantra that you say every morning. I would very much appreciate it if you would write this Ganesh mantra here.

    1. It’s best taken from the lecture for accurate pronunciation; assuming I recited it.

  4. These color attributions are similar to the Vedic system.

    I’ll take a shot at guessing the other colors with their numbers following the classical western order of the planets:

    Luna – 2 or 7 – White/Silver
    Mercury – 5 – Green
    Venus – 6 – Blue
    Sol – 1 or 4 – Orange
    Mars – 9 – Red
    3 – Jupiter – White/Yellow
    8 – Saturn – Black/Violet

    Have you found your hoodoo work to be more successful by blending these colors or using a combination of these attributions along side the modern candle correspondences?

    1. That’s pretty close but Moon is not white, Sun is not orange and Saturn is not purple. Mars is dark red, like shed blood.

    2. I alternate between standard Hoodoo colors and the planetary color scheme. I suspect it matters more when blending systems.

  5. Hi Cliff, I really enjoyed all your videos about magic especially weather manic and bought the Pleidans pendant but I was especially interested in your wealth talismans do you have several already made? How much do they cost? Do you have a website?

    1. I do not have a website for my talismans, but it is in progress. I do have a small number of wealth talismans available, though not of the exact sort I used somewhat famously.

      1. What types of wealth talismans do you have and what are the price ranges do they come in?

      2. The rarer sorts of wealth rings are either $12,000 or $4000. I do sell some rings for $2000 but I don’t think any of those are for wealth.

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