The Dark Arts: Curses, Binding, and Coercive Spells @ ConVocation 2020

The Dark Arts: Curses, Binding, and Coercive Spells at ConVocation 2020


People have been using magic to harm others since before recorded history, and practitioners have been busy inventing new and more ingenious spells to destroy people, places, and things in virtually every tradition. It’s controversial because it works.

We’ll survey historical methods of cursing, binding, and dominating, and highlight effective methods for the contemporary sorcerer and witch.

Learn how to make a Hoodoo poppet to cause suffering and incapacity, create a modern defixio from a lead sheet to cause illness, burn a black skull candle to drive someone insane, create a wax astrological talisman to foment strife, and more terrifyingly useful techniques.

As the Weird Sisters said, “Double, double toil and trouble.” Let’s get cooking.

I wish to give particular thanks to Chance Sparkhawk and Catherine Grubb for helping recover the audio from this lecture.

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3 thoughts on “The Dark Arts: Curses, Binding, and Coercive Spells @ ConVocation 2020

  1. woohoo I’ve been waiting for a new video from you. so excited to watch it.

    btw I have a question: when petitioning Mars, would it work if the petitioner wore camouflage and held a real gun instead of a sword and roman military clothes?

  2. I’ve squared the circle by using red camouflage pants and a gun in either hand. I think the Martial hierarchy appreciates the usage of things which can actually kill over a mere costume.

    1. indeed, especially considering that Mars is manifesting through guns and not swords anymore.

      Also, what’s your opinion is the 5×5 Kameot Martian or belongs to an other planet? I find it hard to link the number 5 to Mars, I find it more in Venusian things.
      (I loved the video btw, looking forward for more)

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