Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Fixed Star Talismans

Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Fixed Star Talismans


SMARRT Presents “Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Ritual Procedures” with moderator Elizabeth Hazel and panelists Clifford Hartleigh Low, Joshua Proto, Michael Ofek and Christopher Warnock.

Join this panel of noted astro-mages at this question and answer session.

The discussion will include insights on the stars they’ve worked with, electing charts for talisman creation, materials and other specifics for this special area of astrological magic.

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3 thoughts on “Astrological Magic Q&A Panel: Fixed Star Talismans

  1. Good evening! I would like to know your thoughts on constellation talismans, like those we find in the work of Albertus Magnus, De Mineralibus. Do you make this type of talisman? What kind of experience did you have? I searched for them in the blog, but I could not find. Thank you in advance!

    1. I find them fascinating but have not made enough of them to have a concrete opinion yet.

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