Upcoming WitchCon Online Lecture

Introduction to Medieval Astrological Magic

I will be lecturing an “Introduction to Medieval Astrological Magic” at WitchCon Online, on Saturday, March 4 at 7:45 pm.
And this is what it’s about:
“What was the most powerful magic in all of history? One likely answer may be a complex form of sorcery that was pivotal to the dominance of Arabic civilization in the Middle Ages and also a key catalyst for the Italian Renaissance. What its originators called the ‘Science of Images’ was a fusion of astrology, theurgy, angelology, ancient philosophy, spirit evocation, and gemstone lore. Some of the most famous people of the era, including Catholic saints and the most esteemed early scientists and doctors, used it openly for centuries; it was the very heart of a forgotten golden age of magic. Instructional manuals from this tradition provide recipes to create talismans at fortunate astrological timing windows for purposes as mundane as ridding pests from a building, gaining love and wealth, destroying entire cities, lengthening life, evoking spirits and performing strange miracles; at the highest level, they have the capacity to rewrite reality itself. Those who have experimented with this material for the past two decades believe that the effects promised manifest in unusually reliable and durable ways. In this class, we will discuss some of the history, theory, and implementation of this type of talisman as well as less well-known applications of this system of magic such as celestial petitions which evoke powerful spirits of time to grant wishes.”
My Bio on the site reads:
“Clifford Hartleigh Low is a sorcerer and archmage; the impossible man who does impossible things. From practicing city magic in Downtown New York to poring over his massive seven thousand-volume library of magic to summoning storms and spirits to amaze witnesses– over the past four decades of magical accomplishment he is like absolutely no one else. With a mastery of more systems of magic and divination than anyone alive, he is best known today as the most accomplished practitioner of astrological magic; having created over two thousand talismans by hand and deciphered large portions of the Picatrix, one of the most cryptic grimoires in history. In recent years he has begun validating his theories of magic through public displays. The best-known instances of these include his creation of a magical ring of wealth which granted him a mysterious and large inheritance. When skepticism was voiced he refuted critics by creating a second talisman, this one to win riches in lawsuits and was awarded a settlement of a much larger amount than the first. Clifford spends his time leisurely doing magical research, doing spellwork and divination for clients, lectures nationally at conventions, and blogs, runs online discussion forums (which he has been doing since around 1994); and for fun goes to rock concerts, mixes a mean cocktail, watches obscure horror films, and throws legendary parties.”

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