The Rings of Safe Voyages

THE RINGS OF SAFE VOYAGES: The First Mansion of the Moon, Al Nath


This was for a talisman to promote safe and lucky travels. The ymage was of a flying bat, the fumigation and herb was gum mastic, the stone was undyed onyx, the oil was Fast Luck.

In this instance, the Moon is not on an angle but merely within an angular House. Putting the Moon on the Midheaven would have had Mars opposing the Ascendant, which would have ruined the effects. It’s clear from Picatrix that while having the Moon on the Midheaven is beneficial in Mansion elections, it is not a requirement.

Picatrix also says:

“The first Mansion of the Moon, then, is called Alnath… The wise of India begin journeys and take medicines when the Moon is in this Mansion. This Mansion also ought to be used as the root in every image that you wish to make in order to go on a journey, so as to travel safely and return in good health…”

“Now if the lord of the ascendant is conjunct the part of fortune, this is very good in all workings and all your elections.”

“The foundation of all this is that you should see to it that in all good works, the Moon is safe from Saturn and Mars and their aspects, and from the combustion of the Sun, and is joined to the fortunes by good aspects— that is, the trine and sextile aspects. In all these see to it that the Moon separates from one fortune and applies to the other. Do the opposite in works of evil.”

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