The Rings of Lechery

THE RINGS OF LECHERY: Talismans of the 16th Mansion, Azubene


“In this Mansion make images for the destruction of merchandise, harvests and plants, and to put discord between friends, and between man and wife, and the debauching of a woman you desire, for impeding those who journey that the end of their road is never reached, and to cause hatred between friends and liberate captives from incarceration.”

And in the Plinian Mansion section, based on the works of Ibn Hatim:

“The sixteenth Mansion is Azebene, and it is for the making of money (which is to say, in selling and buying). When the Moon is passing through this Mansion, fashion in a plate of silver the figure of a man seated in a throne and carrying a scale in his hands. Suffumigate the image with fine odors, and set it out under the stars for seven nights, saying each night: ‘You, Azeruch, make such and such happen for me, and accomplish my request.’ Ask of it pertaining to selling and buying. Know that Azeruch is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

The Moon is fast, applying to a loose but otherwise ideal sextile of Venus. The Moon culminates, and– this is just spectacular– Venus ascends, precisely. The Moon is in the Domicile of Venus, and the latter is not only not cadent but angular as one can get. Any concerns about the Moon being in the via combusta are eliminated because a benefic on the Ascendant or Midheaven rectifies an afflicted Moon. The only potential negative is the Part of Fortune is in the 3rd, but making an applying aspect (albeit a square) to Venus and I think that easily repairs that minor quibble.

As this is a benevolent election, it is only really appropriate for financial profit, lust, and liberation. Due to the prominence of Venus, it clearly leans towards sexual fulfillment as a petition– but still would work nicely for wealth and evading legal hassles like jail time.

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