The Rings of Fortunate Meetings

THE RINGS OF FORTUNATE MEETINGS: Eighth Mansion for Friendship, Love, and the Society of Travelers:


This was a somewhat experimental election, with the Moon unusually slow but with mitigating factors. The Moon culminated while applying to Jupiter in exaltation while Venus in domicile ascended. Having a benefic on Asc or MC rectifies an afflicted Moon, so this doubles up on that consideration.

Being that this was a highly benevolent configuration I chose to use the Abraham the Jew variant design on quartz cabochons in silver, displaying two children holding hands with the name of the Mansion Ruler inscribed across the middle. The “herb” beneath the ring was sulfur, as per the Plianian Mansion instructions but the suffumigation was frankincense and myrrh as per the Hockley AtJ text. The AtJ material in this instance is compatible and surely derived from the alternative Mansion section in Picatrix; it is only the image and suffumigation which are specific and novel.

The Moon applying to conjoin a highly dignified Jupiter was quite suggestive of friendship, and so I believe this was a very strong project.

The Oil used (based on divination, which is why it is so odd) was Aunt Sally’s Lucky Dream Oil.

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