The Rings of Supreme Abundance

The Rings of Supreme Abundance: Jupiter in Degree of Exaltation.


Twelve large and small beryl cabochons were set in gold-filled/rolled-gold wire rings. Liquid storax mixed with glue was set beneath the rings, and the suffumigation was storax mixed with dried basil.

The Day is of Jupiter according to Christian and Chaldaean sources, though not Hour. The Moon is sufficiently fast, in Triplicity, just barely in Joy, Angular, and applying to conjoin Mercury in strong Essential Dignity by multiple qualities. According to some sources, the Moon just escaping combustion is an affliction and others deem it a fortitude– I take the latter view and this is the case here– rather tightly in fact.

The Moon is separating from an aspect with Jupiter though arguably out of orb. Normally I’d consider this a problem, but Jupiter DoE doesn’t come terribly often and this is otherwise a pretty decent election. Jupiter is conjoining the Part of Fortune, which most likely repairs the separating aspect if it were an issue at all.

In any case, Moon afflictions are rectified with a Benefic on the ASC or MC and that makes Jupiter and Venus talisman elections a heck of a lot easier than the others.

The ASC is dominated by Jupiter and the MC is Ruled by Jupiter.

I also made a Jupiter DoE tie tack in white chalcedony with storax beneath; I can’t get assurances most chalcedonies are untreated, undyed, and natural so this was a mild risk.

Attire was all white; rather than choosing religious garb, I wore items stereotypically associated with American upper classes– with the exception of the two white baseball caps emblazoned with countless dollar signs I alternated between during the long incantation from Picatrix.

The Sigil was from the Latin Picatrix over the word “JUPITER” in English. The oil was Jupiter Oil from

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