The Great Rings of Wealth

THE GREAT RINGS OF WEALTH: Marxois, The Third Face of Capricorn


“There rises in the third face of Capricorn a man holding a book which he opens and closes, and before him is the tail of a fish. This is a face of wealth and the accumulation of money and increase and embarking on trade and pressing on to a good end.”

It’s rare to find a talisman which just brings great riches, so this was one I’ve been hankering to try for a very long time.

Marxois is empowered by the Sun, and the Sun is in the Face in question. Sun is unafflicted. Sun Day and Hour. The Moon is sufficiently fast and widely applying to both benefics by benevolent aspects. The Moon is in her House and conjunct the Pars Fortuna.

The main downside of this election is that it is the final degree of a Sign, but as this is Capricorn and the final degrees of Signs get that reputation largely because of Saturn this may not be as great a concern as otherwise. Furthermore, this election is hard to obtain so one must not demand flawlessness. Saturn is on the MC, but I don’t think that’ll cause mischief here.

I chose lemon chrysoprase for the stone, and bands made of both gold and gold-filled wire for strength. The suffumigation was long pepper, as was the herb affixed beneath the rings. The oil used was Money Drawing.

Seven rings were made for me, and one undesignated recipient in Size 8.5.

The ymage of Marxois bears some scrutiny. The Sun is accorded large books according to Picatrix, and the figure is of a merlad (a male mermaid) reading a book. This is a way of transmitting that the Sun is in the tail of Capricorn pictorially. In my design, I inscribed MARXOIS across the chest of the figure, and when possible the sigil of Marxois on the binding of the book. The design isn’t going to hang in a museum, but it doesn’t have to in order for it to work. It also wise to remind oneself that each entry on the Faces in Picatrix says “This is its Form.” I don’t think that word choice is accidental.

It should be noted that Picatrix is one of the few sources which consider this a thoroughly positive Face. Most of the others say it inspires selfishness and avarice. I trust Picatrix over those sources, but think those may be valid for malefic elections of this Face.

5 thoughts on “The Great Rings of Wealth

  1. Just made one. Could you elaborate a little on the effects of this ring? What did you notice, how does it work?

    1. I would say that this talisman will bring enhanced luck and acumen in business and finance. Some of the sources suggest it imparts an instinct towards thrift or even greed, but to some extent this is speculative. It may bring unusual windfalls of cash gifts and other benefits of a similar nature. It won’t summon a treasure chest to appear in a puff of smoke before you, but if the configuration is optimal your new wealth will manifest through rational if unlikely means.

      1. Wow. Thank you for such a descriptive and full reply, Cliff. Much appreciated. One more thing… how long would you say, from your experience does it take for the effect of the face ring to fully develop and for it to kick in? Also, if you could check this really briefly… the election was of Jan 14, 9:04AM, Klaipeda Lithuania. Many many many thanks.

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