The Talismans of Desire



This was somewhat experimental, but worth noting.

“The thirteenth Mansion is Alahue, and it is for the liberation of men who are not able to come to women and for putting love between men and women. When the Moon is passing through this Mansion, fashion from red wax the image of an erect man (that is, with an erect penis); and let it be in all ways the image of a man desiring to couple with a woman. From white wax fashion the image of a woman. Bind the two images together face to face, and suffumigate them with amber and lignum aloes, and wrap them in a piece of white silk which has been washed in rosewater; and on either image write the name of the one you desire. If a woman shall carry these images with her, she will be most strongly desired by the man whose name is upon the image – which is to say, when he sees her. If another is tied or bound, who is not able to perform with women, if he shall carry the images with him it shall be dissolved and he will be able to perform with women. Know that the name ofthe lord of this Mansion is Azerut.”

That being the Plinian version. The more general Picatrix commentary is:

“In this Mansion make images for the increase of trade and profit, the increase of harvests, for travelers to have good journeys on the roads, for the completion of buildings, for the freedom of captives, and the binding of nobles to have good from them.”

In any case, I put the Moon in the 11th House this time in order to take advantage of the North Node on the Ascendant. But the great strength of this election is that the Moon is between benevolent aspects with the benefics! The Moon’s aspect to Saturn is a problem, but the Moon is waning, the aspect is benevolent, and the Moon between the benefics is a fortitude which easily surpasses that concern.

I created two loose stone talismans; two lapis lazuli cabochons, one for me and one for an unspecified recipient. (The one for me is not for virility, ahem.) Lapis lazuli is the primary stone of the Moon, and this should suffice even though the ymage is of an embracing couple on one object. AZERUT was inscribed across the middle. The suffumigation was amber and aloeswood. No oil was used, but both will be sewn into bags of white silk and anointed with rosewater.

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