The Rings of Fever’s Eclipse

THE RINGS OF FEVER’S ECLIPSE: Moon conjoined to Arcturus



[I include this post for historical reasons only; the talismans were highly malefic and extremely dangerous. They could not even be stored safely but required complex deconsecrations.]

This one is one of the riskier elections I’ve done recently, to the point it almost falls out of Tradition. It’s a talismanic election for Arcturus, but the Moon is tightly applying to a Lunar eclipse.

Traditional sources disagree whether a Full Moon is benefic or malefic, but the Traditional contemporary consensus is that elections are to be avoided involving eclipses. The loophole, if there is one, is that in mundane eclipses whose angles are ruled by the benefics and/or the Sign of the principal Luminary, presage a period of peace, prosperity, and health for the kingdom.

Sources are silent on whether this can be extended to elections, but my need for an Arcturus talisman was strong and consultation with tarot repeatedly indicated that these talismans would be benevolent and strong.

The Moon was tightly applying to Arcturus on the MC as well as the benevolent North Node. The Asc and MC were ruled by the benefics, both in their exaltations. This was immediately before the beginning of the proper Lunar Eclipse, which was cadent in the 9th.

“Plantain juice with seeds or rooted placed under jasper, especially green [jasper], carries away fevers and restrains the flow of blood.”

Green jasper was used with the name Arcturus above the Quindecim Stellis sigil. Crumbled plantain chips and two types of plantain seeds were glued beneath the stones. Luckymojo Healing Oil was used, and the suffumigation was lignum aloes and plantain chips. Four rings were created and four loose gemstones/pendants.

As an experiment, I toyed with planetary dieting as a preparation for the working by eating most of the plantain chips so that I was digesting it during the talismanic election.

I’ll either have eight really strong healing talismans or eight really strong plague talismans. No one said this stuff was without danger.

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