The Rings of Ultimate Fortune

THE RINGS OF ULTIMATE FORTUNE: Jupiter in Degree of Exaltation, Moon trining Jupiter


This was a phenomenal election and I hope some of you took advantage of it.

Jupiter was in his degree-of-exaltation, in his Day, with the Moon applying a lovely trine to him. The MC was furthermore fortified by Venus in her exaltation. The Moon was very fast, and the Dragon’s Head was on the cusp of the 5th House– very fortunate indeed.

“The form of a man with the face of a lion and feet of a bird, and under his feet is a seven headed dragon and in his right hand he has a dart as though he wished to throw it at one of the dragon’s heads.”

As the election window was basically an hour long, I was able to use the longest of the Picatrix petition texts for Jupiter, beginning “May God bless you, Jupiter, planet of perfect and noble nature, exalted, honored, precious, and benign lord, warm and moist and similar in your nature to air, equitable in your works, wise, truthful, lover of religion…”

Text subsequent to this ymage in Picatrix but seemingly for a different election may well apply here too:

“Whoever caries this ring will be served by the sons of men, eagles, vultures, lions, and all the works of Jupiter.”

Three emerald rings were engraved thusly, set in a band of gold and gold-filled wire. The emerald was made affordable by having my jeweler make cabochons from rock. The emerald is highly included, and looks a fair bit like pale malachite; quite beautiful. Adam & Eve Oil was used, and the suffumigation was pine resin and rosebuds. The herb beneath the rings was violet leaf.

In addition, I engraved sigils of Jupiter (the Arabic Picatrix versions) on a pair of carnelian cufflinks and a tie tack, and two mineral orbs; one of quartz and the other of labradorite.

Overall, a project that I’m very proud of and satisfied by. We won’t see anything like this again for a very long time.

(The election nearly got botched by disclosing it to someone in advance, but I was able to make some changes to the operation which saved it from nullification. Gotta be more careful about that.)

Smaller emerald cabochons have been put aside for Mercury talismans, someday.

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