The Rings of Abundance

THE RINGS OF ABUNDANCE: Jupiter in Exaltation, Moon sextile Jupiter

This was what I suspect was the last valid Jupiter exaltation election for the next decade or more. The details of this election are slightly unusual in many ways.

Jupiter ascended on Jupiter day. The Moon was making applying benevolent aspects to both Jupiter and the Pars Fortuna, strengthening it notably. The Moon itself was fairly slow but this was rectified by having a benefic on the ASC. The main downside was that Jupiter was making a trine to a retrograde Saturn; some may not even consider this an affliction, but I tend to think that Jupiter and Saturn have natural affinities for each other and this at worst is a lesser affliction.

The rings were carnelian, the bands gold-filled wire and gold wire wrap. The suffumigation was a blend of violet leaves, lignum aloes, and gum mastic. The herb beneath the stone was liquid storax. The long petition from Picatrix was used again, and the larger rings utilized the lion-headed dragon-stomping warrior and the smaller used the conventional symbol of Jupiter and the planet’s name. No oil was used this time.

But the most interesting aspect of this election was that it was not performed alone. It was a training session for my new assistant and old friend, Kat Lunoe. She performed her tasks admirably, and in fact recited her petition far better than I, and her artistic skills were noticeable assets in the inscriptions of her ymages and sigils. (She also corrected me when I accidentally got the petition text pages out of order, for which I am especially grateful.)

Together we prepared nine rings. I was greatly surprised that by the time we had affixed the storax, Jupiter was exactly on the Ascendant; suggesting that we could easily have prepared nine more rings at least had I been wise enough to purchase more rings for the project. If we had restricted ourselves to sigils alone, we could easily have prepared forty rings during the same time frame.

The objective now is to produce large numbers of talismanic rings (and talismans of other varieties) during particularly excellent elections, rare elections, or of talismans which are especially sought-after. For sale someday, gifts for friends, and so on.

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