The Rings of the Green Lion


2014-05-28-green-lionPicatrix Rubeus page 109:

“If, under the influence of Mercury, you make the image of a lion in emerald… in the hour of Mercury, Mercury rising in Gemini… whoever has this image will evade infirmities and fear, and good things will be said of them.”

I think this was an altogether remarkable election, less so for the placement of Mercury but the Moon.

Mercury culminates during Mercury Day & Hour, in Domicile, with Virgo on the ASC. The Moon is in cazimi, sufficiently quick, and itself also in Gemini.

Mercury is slow, at the end of a Sign, and making a fairly wide square of Mars which I believe will be suppressed by refrenation. The Moon is applying to a trine of Mars, but as the Moon is still technically waning this is only a tolerable affliction and is easily surpassed by the enormous strength of the cazimi.

Many of the attributes of evasion, confusion, protection, and charm which are the aims of the talisman work well with this particular horoscope configuration. My own divinations strongly supported this hypothesis and now must be put to the test.

Six rings were made of the heavily included emerald and gf wire. The suffumigation was caraway seed. The herb beneath the stones was cinquefoil. Luckymojo Mercury Oil was used in the operation.

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