Video Games and Money Magic are often Incompatible

Psst! A reminder. 

If your money magic isn’t working, stop playing video games where you accumulate treasure or even points.

The spiritual powers which you have called upon rarely can distinguish between the virtual cash in a game and the virtual cash in your bank account, and they will almost invariably work on whatever is easier to manifest. It’s all just bytes in a computer today, after all.

I found this out some years ago when goofing off in a game where I accumulated a conspicuous amount of treasure, even while my real life finances were stagnant. And part of the reason I was gaming was that it was an inexpensive way to pass the time and relieve stress about money.

It took me a while to realize that my ring of Deneb Algedi was working on the game rather than what I actually needed. When I stopped playing, my finances began to improve.

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