The Rings of the Casino

THE RINGS OF THE CASINO: The Second Face of Cancer, Somachalmais


There was a similar election two days prior, but at my location the Moon was conjoining to Algol for all but four minutes before the electional window had elapsed.


“There rises in the second face of Cancer a woman with a beautiful face,
and on her head she has a crown of green myrtle, and in her hand is a stem of the plant called water lily, and she is singing songs of love and joy. This is a face of games, wealth, joy and abundance. This is its form.”


In other sources it adds that it bestows the love of women, which is probably a side effect of the affinity the talismanic ymage creates in people, places, and things depicted therein.

The Moon trining Mars is an affliction, but as the Moon is waning it’s not all that bad. The Day/Hour of Mercury definitely adds to the electional power. The Moon’s Sign ruler being cadent would normally rule out this election, but having a benefic on the ASC offsets this. Unfortunately, Jupiter is combust but I still think it’s enough to offset this effect. The Sun is greatly strengthened, however, by conjoining Jupiter and in elections which prioritize the Sun (as most Face elections do) the role of the Moon is lessened as she is always subservient to the Sun.

So, it’s not the best election but I think it’ll work. It’s an upgrade from my former Somachalmais rings.

Four agates in gold were used; three yellow and one brown agate. Attraction Oil was used in this instance, and the suffumigation and herb beneath the stones were gum arabic.

I have attached both the election data and a hastily drawn ymage template I created for Kat Lunoe so she could make her own Somachalmais talisman two days prior to mine. It’s not great art, but you don’t have a lot of space to work with on a gemstone cabochon.

Next time I’ll have her mouth open because she’s singing. I just realized that goof now. Oh well. At least on my rings, she’s actually smiling.

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