The Properties of Conjunctions

Picatrix Rubeus pages 90-91.

On conjunctions and the role of similarities.

“According to the opinion which deals with the disposition of the primum mobile to the sphere of the fixed stars, a planet swifter in motion will have a stronger effect, and one slower in motion will have a weaker effect, because it is a proportion of similars. In this matter the wise disagree with one another, for one group of ancient sages held the contrary… About this many of the ancient sages spoke secretly and occultly in their books, while we intend to speak here of the secret of the sages of the ancient art of magic.

“You should know that when the Moon is conjunct Saturn, its effects will be in accord with those of Saturn. This happens because the influence of Saturn is stronger than the influence of the Moon, just as when any other planet is conjunct Saturn, their effects will be in accord with the dispositions and effects of Saturn. This is because the power of Saturn is the strongest of all the planetary forces, and this happens for the reasons and causes given above, that is, because of its supreme height and propinquity to the highest heavens, that is, the primum mobile and the sphere of the fixed stars.

“Because Saturn is very slow, its motion is assimilated to that of the primum mobile and the other superior qualities mentioned above. Everyone that speaks of Saturn’s conjunctions with Jupiter, the Sun, and Venus, says that when these latter are joined with the influences of Saturn, they are changed or altered with a great change or alteration. The same influences flow to Jupiter from the fixed stars, and generally to all the planets, down to Venus and the Moon. Thereafter, the influences of the fixed stars appear in water and earth, and the four elements and the generations that are generated from them, in which the influences appear outwardly.

“When any two planets conjoin, the conjunction can have three qualities, that is, increase, decrease, and balance…

“It could well happen that the influence of the Moon and its power are greater than the influence and power of Saturn. This would happen when the Moon is in one of the dignities mentioned above, and Saturn is in the contrary thereof…

“Yet the relationships of Saturn and Jupiter are not the same as those of Saturn and the Moon, for these two are always or almost always equal…

“…and the Moon has no similitude or correspondence, because the Moon shares no similitudes or correspondences with any planet. This may be called the great foundation of magic, to be concealed from the multitude, for it is supremely necessary in magical work.”

This is pretty complex and I’m still digesting it, but it outright says that malefics and benefics greatly influence the Sun during conjunctions.

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