The Talismans of Union

TALISMANS OF UNION: The Talismans of Nedeyrahe, Lord of the Sixth Mansion of the Moon.


Picatrix says in the Pseudo-Pliny Mansions:

“The sixth Mansion is Achaya and it is for putting love between two people. When the Moon is passing through this Mansion, make two images from white wax, make them embrace each other, and wrap them in white silk. Suffumigate them with amber and lignum aloes, and say: ‘You, Nedeyrahe, bring together so and so and so and so, and place between them friendship and love.’ It will be as you wish. Know that Nedeyrahe is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

Ibn Hatim, surely the origin of this section, says much the same.

The election was rather novel as you shall see shortly, so I took the opportunity with whatever I had at hand.

Fortunately, I keep incense-grade amber and powdered aloeswood handy, and recently bought quartz cabochons in bulk from eBay. (White wax figures seem to substitute well with quartz cabochons if clear or milky. Color matters, and in spite of the temptation to glue two cabochons together, doing this as a single gem has proven effective on prior projects.)

Now, the first thing you’ll note is that the Moon is not on the MC or even angular. It is, however, in a benevolent House (although just barely succedent) and fast enough. But what makes this such a dynamic election is that the Moon is TIGHTLY flanked or Warded or Celebrated by the Benefics– something which we sometimes call reverse besiegement. That’s always a good thing.

I put Cancer on the ASC even though it’s at the end of the Sign simply because Warding is such a tremendously positive accidental dignity that it easily beat anything going on with the Sun when Leo was to Ascend.

I also wanted to get Jupiter in the 1st House, because that would strengthen the election by the mere virtue of having a Benefic there.

It also is good that the Moon was trining a dignified Mercury (itself tightly conjoining the North Node) and the North Node as well. It is an additional fortitude that the Moon is the House of Mercury (Gemini) while trining Mercury.

The result was a five minute electional window and two talismans. (I’m lightning at 2am if you give me some Red Bull.)

I have a roll of white silk which I cut out a pair of rough disks and glued the cabochon within, along with a bit of the amber and a pinch of the aloeswood. The inscription was of a man and a woman intertwined naked, with the text “Nedeyrahe, join XY and XX” on it, with the names substituted.

The main innovation of this experiment was that I combined the Plinian instructions with the incantations on page 50 of the Rubeus edition.

“You, Nedeyrahe, let XY be joined to XX and conjoined with her, as fire, air, and water with earth; and let him so be moved toward her as the rays of the Sun move the light of Earth and its virtues; and let they and their works be coupled together in their vision as heaven is conjoined with its stars, and trees with their flowers. Let his spirit be thus raised on high and sublime above the spirit of XX, as the water is raised up over the earth; and let each of the aforesaid be unable to eat, or drink, or dance, or take pleasure in anything without the other.”

Recited three times, in part because Nedeyrahe is a not easy to say at 2AM.

And that’s how this is done.

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