The Rings of Splendor

THE RINGS OF SPLENDOR: The talismans of Zachor, the 2nd Face of Leo.


As indicated elsewhere, this was a highly experimental talisman. It not only used a somewhat imperfect election, but the decan’s attributes are largely unpleasant. And yet, I believe it is actually rather desirable in extreme.

“There rises in the second face of Leo a man who wears a crown of white myrtle on his head, and he has a bow in his hand. This is a face of beauty, riding, and the ascension of a man who is ignorant and base, and this is a face of war and naked swords. This is its form.”


By ensuring the principal planets (here Jupiter, Sun, and Moon) are unafflicted and accidentally dignified by aspects with other planets, the negative attributes of the Face are suppressed and the positive ones (beauty, riding, and perhaps promotion) brought forth.

Nevertheless, Jupiter squares Saturn and other planets aspect the malefics. So how is this resolved? By putting both malefics in the 3rd House, whose cadency restrains their mischief. Furthermore, the Moon is also cadent, but in any election which depends on the Sun, the Moon’s state is less important. The main strength of the election beyond meeting the minimal conditions required, is that the Sun is applying to a conjunction of the Lesser Benefic. Venus is dignified and debilitated, but more of the former; if the end result of this is that the beautification endowed is somewhat of a sexier nature, I won’t be complaining.

I also wish to point out that Face talismans have an odd tendency to fascinate and win over people who resemble the ymage in some way. It’s probably not a bad thing to have power over powerful, ignorant and vile people, particularly if there is war and unsheathed swords nearby. This actually may be the greater value of this type of talisman.

My preferred stone– beryl– was unavailable, but pyrite was substituted and set in gold and gold-filled wire. The suffumigation was balsam and basil– the former from Harold Roth; without whose help this project would have been impossible. The same mixture was combined with Gorilla Glue and put under the cabochons. Seven rings were made for myself, though the last took long and my hand became fatigued and unsteady so it may be less potent than the others. The rings were anointed with‘s Attraction Oil at various phases of the operation.

The ymage was used, depicting a naked male figure with a crown of flowers (or flowers in his hair) holding a bow, sometimes with an arrow as well. The sigil of Zachor was put on the chest along with that of Jupiter (conventional sigil) and the word BEAUTY inscribed above the figure and ZACHOR below.

I am not sure how this talisman works. It may help with physical fitness, prove itself the medieval botox and lap band, or simply create a glamour. I am also not completely certain that the “war and unsheathed swords” part is fully suppressed, but I am hopeful.

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