The Gems of Bedazzling Ardor

GEMS OF BEDAZZLING ARDOR: The Talismans of the Twenty-Sixth Mansion.



“When the Moon is passing through it, take white wax and mastic and melt them together; from these fashion the image of a woman with her hair unbound and before her a vessel placed as if to receive her hair. Suffumigate it with sweet-smelling odors, and say: ‘You, Tagriel, bring me to the love and friendship of such and such a woman.’ Place the image in a small bag, and place with it also some of the most sweet-smelling of substances; carry it with you, and it shall be completed as you have requested. Know that Tagriel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

IBN HATIM via Lippincott:

“The image is a woman whose hair hangs down; on her are varieties of coloured cloths; between her two hands is a pot in which is a perfume (with which) she perfumes herself. You should shape her, in accordance with the name of whomever among women you wish, out of white wax and mastic. Fumigate it with varieties of perfumes. You should write on her chest the name of the man overcoming her love for herself. You should keep the image in the house so that she refrains from going to him, if God wills. The name of her lord is Nafsiyal taghriyal. Its speciality is for love that she entice (?) the man marvellously and promote lust. It is four stars, similar to a bucket.”



This was a slightly unconventional election and also slightly unconventional in implementation.

The Moon was in the 5th House of good fortune and pleasure, while the North Node was conjoined to the Ascendant. The Moon was extremely fast, waxing, and in a Sign whose ruler was not cadent (though retrograde.) The Moon was making benevolent aspects to the Sun and Mercury; the former very tightly.

These were loose gem talismans. Three lapis lazuli cabochons (fairly large) were inscribed with the ymage described, but with the North Node sigil at the apex, the number 26 at the bottom, and TAGRIEL on the obverse center. The suffumigation was a blend of dried rosebuds and lignum aloes. No oil was used.

The North Node functions similarly to a benefic planet when placed on the ASC or MC, and adds strength to any election– particularly one which requires an overcoming of an obstacle or an adversary. It is dependent on the strength of the election’s configuration overall, for though it magnifies the luck and power of other factors by itself it is highly unstable and cannot be the sole power drawn upon. Fortunately the speed, phase and aspects of the Moon are good enough for a potent election on their own, and though the placement of the Moon in a Succedent House easily offset by the benevolence and relevance to the election’s goal. The Dragon’s Head is really just the cherry on top, but what a cherry it is!

Due to the relative softness of the lapis lazuli and the intense speed of the Moon, these talismans should be very fast acting. Their durability at this stage is not clear, but the configuration suggests to me that the effect would be extensive and enduring.

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