The Talismans of Awestruck Dread

THE TALISMANS OF AWESTRUCK DREAD: 11th Lunar Mansion with Mars.


This is one of those experimental elections which either curse the living shit out of me or work fabulously. Somebody needs to test this stuff out, might as well be me. Kids, don’t try this at home!

The Moon is slow, too slow to normally create a talisman but is held aloft by the benefics which flank it; to the rear by Venus, while before it rallies a bodily conjoined Jupiter– retrograde but dignified. The Moon also is opposing Mercury, but is surely protected by the benefics. Yet a conjunction with a retrograde planet is indeed a consideration which makes this an experimental election. Is the power of being protected by the benefics enough to overcome an application to a retrograde planet albeit the most benevolent one? I suspect yes.

Yet the true controversy of this election is the Ascendant. It is governed by Mars in domicile, but Mars is conjoined with the South Node. And here is the grand design; some sources believe that a malefic with the Dragon’s Tail is dangerous and others claim it is greatly fortunated thereby. This is the true experiment at the heart of this election. If it is a dud, then that can be explained by the Moon; but if it is destructive that can only mean a malefic with the S.N. is woeful.

All things considered, if it works well it will be because this Lunar Mansion is compatible with the attributes of Mars as cosignifcator. This is a talisman to instill fear and respect from those beneath you, while eliciting favor from those in positions of power.

Picatrix Rubeus pages 288-289, the Plinian Mansions:

“The eleventh Mansion is Azobra, and it is that you will be feared and receive good things. When the Moon is in this Mansion, make in a table of gold the image of a man riding a lion, holding a lance in his right hand and holding the ear of the lion with his left hand, and in front of this figure write the name of the lord of this Mansion. Say: “You, Necol, bring glory to me that I shall be feared by men, and so that their fear shall cause them to tremble when they behold me; and quiet the heart of the king and of lords and of men of high estate that they may grant me honors and dignities.” Carry this tablet with you, and it shall be as you have requested. Know that Necol is the name of the lord of this Mansion.”

No suffumigation was given in the Picatrix text, but Ibn Hatim offers lion’s hair. This is less helpful than it might have been around 800AD. (Anybody know a zookeeper or a veterinarian with a really big electric shaver?) After consultation with tarot, this was substituted with the hair of a black cat and storax (from Alchemy Works.)

Three quartz cabochons were selected with NECOL above the described figure, and placed in a yellow flannel bag along with chunks of gum mastic. I don’t have gold handy, but this should work nicely. Or so says tarot.

Let’s find out.

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