How Signs And Ymages Are Composed

Picatrix Rubeus, pages 63-64:

“The second manner calculates the images according to the opinion of the Hindus, who arrange them in this way: in the first face of Aries there rises a man with red eyes and a large beard, wrapped in a garment of white linen, seeming to make great gestures, and wearing a great white cloak tied around him with a rope… In this way they proceed to the last face of the signs.

“Next you should learn that they do not calculate these figures in any way except from the nature of the stars and signs… and thus you will be able to make all things according to your wishes.

“Abenoaxie said likewise in his book… of the triplicities of the signs. One of them he named the watery triplicity, and wrote there… when someone seems to speak of water, a river, a swamp, or any other thing similar to them, you ought to understand that its work is in water. In the same way, all the other figures of the triplicities that are assigned to fire, earth, or air, should be understood in the same way. This is the way that… all the other sages who discussed the figures and degrees of heaven… and they also said the same thing when they gave examples of their forms in their places, because all these are signs by which you will be able to understand the powers and workings of the degrees. Thus you ought to interpret them in the same way.

“As an example of the foregoing, when someone refers to a mutilated head and mutilated hands, he means by this phrase death and weakness and the way of one planet with others, because all these are ways to understand the effects of the planets, and how other bodies are strengthened by them, so that marvels, and the effects of the planets in these bodies, become apparent. In this way you should understand the whole art of magic.”

The images of the Faces are constructed from the symbolic interactions of the planets correspondences in the context of the Signs correspondences, so that when a planet is weak there (or malefic) the figure will be maimed, dark, or ugly. This is something I discuss in the Decans packet as well as the lectures somewhat.

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